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CAD Training For Sprinting


im looking for help with my weights program for sprinting.

i have been mainly using CF style.
so for example

day1- speed then weight
day3-speed then weight
day5-speed then weight

but due to work commitments i cant fit speed and weights in the same day.

so i was thinking
day1- speed
day2-weights (CAD) ascending
day5-weight (CAD) descending)

do you think this would be an appropriate set up for the weight?


Hey! Nice to see a CF fan here...Since I seem to like CT philosophy, you will probably enjoy what he said about CAD on the CF forum...

Hope you have word, If not PM me...

Best of luck

lighting fast


OK...since the attach file didn't work, I can't post It here and It will lost part of It's substance without the graphs to help you understand to whole thing.

If you want It, pm me and I will send you the Word format file.

Keep in mind that Christian Thibaudeau no longer use this method because DUR method and Rate during the same training session tend to confuse the nervous system adaptations.

The fist method require the nervous system to keep activated the motor units for longer period of time with relative high magnitude. The rate method are very fast oscillation of contraction/relax. Db Hammer believe that maintaining contraction pediod because of false teaching(inapropriate training) for too long during a rate event(sprint) will be one of the cause a speed athlete might have a pull injury.

To play the devils advocate, sprint is a rate action, maxS is a duration method. A lot of top sprinter, including Ben Johnson used both method in the same day and all seem to got awesome results from It. One the other hand I must add that those two a day training were separated by at least 4h between them. Regarless the second split you plan to use is the one I have followed since day one in university with the track team. Excellent split for those who can't handle two a day for various reasons.

And I don't want to start another debate about DB Hammer...

Lighting fast