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Cable Pulldown for Abs

I recently started doing these cable pulldowns for abs
in addition to the weighted crunch machine. Im pretty certain I’m doing them correctly. The thing is I’m using the entire stack of weight and it doesn’t feel very heavy.

Can any one describe the proper form for this exercise and if the entire stack(220 I think) is enough to see results?

Do a search on youtube for ‘rope crunches’. There are tons of good examples there.

If you have to ask, then I doubt you are doing them correctly. Unless the weight stack you are using is a double pulley, I doubt the 220 number as well.

I do them a couple of different ways (kneeling, standing/squatting). Go with what feels like the best contraction. I do them until I feel queasy. I think these are the best ab exercise, IMHO.

Make sure you are concentrating on ab contractions. Often with ab exercises people throw all kinds of extraneous movement into the exercise.

Come all the way back up to begin each repetition, it is too easy to cheat by performing a partial at the bottom.

Another cheat is to keep your back straight and only bend at the hip.

220 isn’t unreasonable for someone who squats 500lb or so.