Cable Pull Through Grip

I am doing cable pull throughs with the rope. My question is that now that I’m doing 47.5 pounds on it,my skinny/bony hands are sitting hard against the ends of the rope “thingy” (don’t know the name sorry) and they get red and it hurts. AM I doing something wrong, or is there a way around this?? Thanks

You’re not really doing anything wrong. It’s just the way the handle pulls on your hands.

The easiest solution would be to sort of “choke up” on the rope so there’s some space between your thumb and the end stopper, instead of having them pressed together. You’d have to grip the rope harder so it doesn’t slide during each rep, but that shouldn’t be a big issue.

You could also look if you can get your hands on such rope,either by buying it or by making one with some fabric

Just found this is called ‘‘tricep strap’’ if you wanna look it up.Probably gonna cost 15-20 bucks

Thanks to all of you for your replies and resources, I will try both options that were presented. Thanks for the name of the strap. One more question, does body building cause arthritis in the long term?? Just curious because of all the gripping and pressure placed against joints. THanks again as you are all very knowledgeable.

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Reading it like

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Have you tried gloves? They will give you a little extra cushion that usually stops the problems that you have mentioned.

I have, actually, but they cause too much friction with the legs/pants when doing pull throughs. ANd again, I tried today to grip harder the rope, but my hands just slide right down to the ends and pain again. I"m getting me some of those tricep thingies, listed above. THanks though.

arthritis -not really. Niggles/sprains/occasional injuries over time, yes. Always good to stay ahead of things with good warm up and regular mobility/stretching sessions here and there. Perfect world get a chiro and deep tissue session every couple months.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for this tip. I got it yesterday and while it still marks my hands, it doesn’t leave them throbbing. I guess any type of “strong” pressure on my hands is going to both a bit, but much more comfy!

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Glad I helped :grin:

You could rig something up with a dip belt with a low pulley that looks a little something like this.

I like it better because I don’t have to think about my arms grip, or the friction from pull through. I just focus on the hip hinge and muscles being worked.

another question on cable pull through

On videos I see of the cable pull through, I see them pull the rope all the way up to their chest. I only get it to just outside of my legs, so at hip height more or less. Am I doing it wrong??

My Opinion-
At the top your hands should stay low, in front of your hips. There should still be tension on the cable, hips should be pushed forward, and arms should be hanging straight or almost pulled thru your hips. Like you would fall forward if you let go.

To get this tension I raise the pulley, from the floor up to around knee height. This way the cable is/moves closer to parallel to the floor. I also take one or two extra steps forward, away from the pulley. I feel lots of hamstrings at the bottom, and glutes at the top this way.

-When I see people pull with their shoulders/arms they are usually really close to the pulley, almost over top of it, and the cable is moving in like a 45 degree angled path. This must be good for something, but I prefer the more horizontal style.

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