Cable Pull Aparts as Alternative to Bands?

Has anyone here ever done pull aparts with cables instead of doing them with bands? It seems just as good if not better, there’s constant tension just like with the bands, you can adjust them to your height and varying the weight is a lot easier. Is there any hidden benefit the bands give that I’m unaware of?

Bands are small and handy to take with u to work, home and gym. Some people with (or without) shoulder issues do pull aparts everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. I’d like to see you bring the cable stack to work for a few 2min pull aparts throughout the day haha

As for the actual benefit of the exercise, it feels similar to me but I’m not sure.

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There actually isn’t the same “constant tension” with the bands. people use the bands because they have an adjusting resistance. The farther away from the original point you get, the harder and “heavier” they feel. It works the same way as people putting chains on equipment. It is just a different way to shock the muscles. If you did them with cable, the weight would be evenly distributed the entire exercise. The bands seem to be more of a pump exercise used for higher reps that with the cables.

That’d be a face pull. And they’re awesome, yep.

The biggest benefit of band pull-aparts is that, like Irish said, they can be pretty much anywhere anytime. I have a simple bungee cord in my garage, plus one by my desk, that I use for them. The accommodating resistance Beast talked about is a nice plus, especially if you’re trying to rehab already-beat up shoulders and need to take it easier in the beginning ROM, but that’s not generally a big selling point for this specific exercise.