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Cable Machines for Assistance Work

Does anyone else use cable machines for some assistance work? Specifically for lats/pull type movements?

I have started to add seated rows on bench days and v-handle pull downs on press days; I like the fact I can jump on a machine, stack the weight quickly and hit 5 set of 10 reps fairly quickly.

Anyone else do this? Any reason not to?

I use them for Triceps, Face Pulls, and Cable Fly’s.
Prefer barbell and Chins for back mostly, especially since I SS it with Presses

I use cables for face pulls and triceps pulldowns. When my elbows are irritated I use lat pulldowns with neutral grip bars in place of pullups. For “perpendicular” pulling I always use dumbbells, mainly because I can isolate upper back without engaging the lower back as I would with barbell rows or seated cable rows…but that’s just personal preference.

All the time. I train at home and have an old hi/ low type device.
Mix it in with chins and pull ups.
I like low cable standing rows, to the neck/chin level. Like an upright row that doesn’t hurt my elbows.