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Cable Machine Plates?


I went over to my friends house and he has some sort of cable machine. It has bench press, pulldown, leg extension and leg curls. My question is, the numbers on the plates were 1-15. There were 5 more plates with no numbers. I know that the weight wasn't 1-15 pounds, so what could it have been going by?


it probably stones. 1 stone = 14 lbs. its a british unit.


I don't think it was stones, because I had never done pulldowns before and I was able to use 15, which would be 210 pounds.


Generally, it's 10 pounds per plate. The 5 plates without labels were likely added on as an option, meaning the machine was designed standard for up to 150, but he bought the additional 50 pounds of weight, 'cuz he wants to be a strong mofo.


That makes sense. I was actually thinking that maybe the makers forgot to put the 0's after the numbers.