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Cable flys

Has anybody ever tried cable flys, like putting a bench between a low cable crossover station and doing flys, if anyone has done them please tell me what you think they are good for?

Chest. Just a different method of doing flys, instead of a machine or dumbells. Wouldn’t rely on them as a staple of your workout though…

Good alternative to flies or cross overs. I think they are a good exercise for people who cant feel their chest working, and helps give that mind muscle connection. Could be useful as part of a superset with a pressing movement or pre-exhuast

I stick to free weights on pretty much all of my exercises, but I sometimes add a few sets of cables at the end of a chest workout just to get that last little burn…

For me, cable flyes have really helped with shaping.

As everyone else has said, it’s just another alternative exercise for the chest, but it shouldn’t be considered a ‘must have’ exercise.