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Cable Flies: Open Hand or Closed


So I had a crappy bench today, and half-heartedly went to do some cable flies to finish my workout. I don't know why but for some reason I kept my hand open instead of making a fist around the grip (I did watch 'Fists of Fury' over the weekend...). And not only did this seem easier, but I could actually feel my chest working more. Psychosomatic, or is this actually a detail that I've missed all these years?


Just added cable flies like 2wks ago....noticed the same thing, I'll be interested to see some replies from people that know what they're talking about on here.


You are destabilizing at the distal end, so the proximal end of the connection to the weight has to work harder.

As a guess.


So, in terms of what I'm trying to accomplish with this exercise - focus on the pecs - this is a good thing, correct? (You're gonna have to start talking to me like I'm 4; too many big words)


Keeping your hands closed often flexes up the forearms, which in turn make your biceps flex as well. It's a dirty great chain reaction that means you're using everything that's even slightly relevant to the lift. Stop that and bam, more chest work.
Use the opposite if you were to ever go for one arm chinups etc.


I got this here expensive new dictionary and now you tell me not to use it?

By opening your hand you're destabilizing at the far end of the movement - away from the body(distal) - Now the chest - close to/on the body (proximal) has to take up the effort of balancing the weight in the hand, even though it's a just a handle. That makes the chest work harder.