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cable descramblers?


anyone have any experience with these?

Im thinking of it, but find them real fishy.



I had one a long time ago. Well, actually my Dad had one. It was great. We got EVERYTHING for free. I wouldn't do it though, now that everything is digital. I believe they can track it.

I know for satellites that have the card system you can buy a card with more stuff on it though. The card is just like a credit card that you slide in the front of your machine, and it reads what channels you are allowed to get. I know some people will all pitch in and buy one card, then copy it somehow and voila!! you get every channel free.


i remember when there was a bust a couple of years ago, a guy was arrested for selling cheater boxes. the cable company wanted him charged for all boxes he made, but the cops said the law stated that you can use a box as long as you make it so he could not be charged for the one he used in his own home. something about freely availible frequencies and that if you have access and the ability to descramble by your own means (you made, not purchased) then it is legal. i'll try and find it on the fcc site.