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Cable Crossover Machine

What are some effective bodybuilding exercises you can perform on the Cable Crossover Machine?

(Other than Crossover pectoral flyes).


For what? Chest,Back,Bis,Tris,Shoulders…be more specific

I’m basically open to anything.

If I must be more specific, I would say more along the lines of upper-body exercises.

I’m sorry, but you’re asking me to list like 30 excercises by saying upper body, which includes chest,back,bis,tris and shoulders. I understand that your just starting out, and you’re in the right place to learn, but as posted in a previous thread you began, read the three threads at the top of the beginners page.

Soak up all the great info this site provides. As far as the cable crossover machine, I’m sure you can get a good feel for some general excercises by watching others at your gym. Good luck and train hard!


laterals, both side and rear, are just as good if not better with cables.