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Cable Crossover For Home Gym

Anyone have suggestions for a home cable crossover system? I would like to supplement my freeweight gear. I have a good amount of space and ideally would go with an old one from a commercial gym. Unfortunately can’t seem to locate one in the Southern California area. I found one on E-bay by Phoenix called the FG350 Free Weight Cage. Anyone use this? Is it any good? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

I have no idea if that one is any good, but you said you tried to locate one do you mean you called all the gyms in so.cal.? I have said it again and again you can get most of what you want used by calling gyms (if you did this already this does not apply) if you have not called ALL the gyms from your area please do (even if they do not have what you want now talk to them and you MAY get a call in a couple of months about another “deal”)peace