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Cable Cross-Over For Home


I'm thinking about getting this cable cross-over for my home gym:

Seems decent although I've been reading different opinions about Powertec stuff on these forums. Some say it sucks, some say it's great.

Anyway, on this unit, it looks like there might not be enough room to do low cable flyes...almost like the posts are too close together.

Anybody by chance have this cross-over? Or can recommend another?



Never used it. Do you have the room for it?

What else do you have? If you don't have the basics (power rack, barbell set, dumbbells, bench), then you may want to skip this until later.

I just can't see the point in purchasing this for a home gym. It would take up a lot of room and only allows so many exercises.


Actually, I do have all the basics - power rack, about 600lbs worth of plates, misc. bars, spinlock DBs (but am looking to get the ironmaster adj. DB set), med balls, etc., plus I've got the room for it...I think anyway!

My reason for getting a cross-over unit is that 1.) I like using cables for variety and 2.) it's great for a lot of the "core" moves that I do that require full range of motion, whereas a power rack-mounted pulldown doesn't afford mu range of motion.


I have the Ironmaster Super Bench with various attachments and the adjustable dumbbells. I highly recommend them!

If you have the room, go for it! I have a power rack with the lat/row attachment, so I can do some exercises that a cable cross over offers, but not everything.


I'd just get a single cable column.

All the decent exercises with cables are unilateral. And you'd want to be able to put the pulley at different levels other that top and bottom...you may be able to, but I cant tell for sure.


The unit looks like it isn't wide enough for cable flyes.



They have this machine at this place right by my house where I actually was yesterday buying a pair of 100 lb plates.

It is narrow for bench flys (maybe not for Nate Dogg =D ), but is built quite well for that price. It's sturdy, meaning it doesn't wobble around when you use it.

The pulley positions are not adjustable to the best of my recollection.