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If anybody has a reliable and cheap source of cabergoline please PM me, I am having a rough time finding anything at a reasonable price. Thanks.


expect to pay around $85 with shipping, stay away from liquid form


There are some out there, you just have to look for a while.

Caber is fairly expensive though. the cheapest I have seen it is $2/mg so expect to pay at least that...usually it is around $4-5/mg.


I keep hearing about something abbreviated Primi to use in it's place that is supposedly cheaper and much safer on the heart. There is a study ad I will see if I can find it.


Is Pramipexole what you are thinking of? I thought Cabergoline only caused heart valve problems when used at high doses for treating Parkinson's Disease. At lower doses it was shown to be safe.


That sounds right Ether Bunny, and how I love your name. But if it is cheaper, as effective and safer... Sounds like a win, win, win to me!