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Cabergoline? Would It Be Worth It?


I had bloodtest done and found I had high prolactin 2-18 mine was 36.
I've had nipple piercings for 7 years.
Recently I have perminently taken them out and it has been 4 months. My prolactin sits at around 18. Which is still high. I still have scar tissue on my nipples from it.

I am looking to lower it and also increase sexual performance. I bust once and I am good for a few days? Lol.

How much should I take .25 on mon & thurs or .5 on those days?
Would increase sexual desire?

Will be seeing an endo 2 months but would be cool to get a grip on it before hand, already waites 6 months. It takes a long time here to get in to see the man.


if you start taking it it'll skew any tests the endo gives you


I would assume 2 months of caber use would bring down his prolactin. Not sure how it would skew results.


well, if one is going to a dr anyway to address the issue, self medicating seems pretty stupid.

yeah, caber will bring down the prolactin, but since he's going to see the doc anyway i would wait to just see what he/she says.

FWIW, i had no idea about nipple rings and prolactin...


by lowering prolactin...


The doctors not the brightest and keeps delaying it seems. The nipple rings were pierced 2 deep but I didn't realize it till now really. So took them out. Iv'e done some testing but yeah he may want to do more when he sees me it is 6month waits Eveytime so it is soo long so. Want to try and fix it atleast temporary during the wait time.

Just read caber can have a lot of sides but I think some sites are ment to scare you it seems. Like I said I am around 18 want to get into the single digits atleast maybe like 5. My sex recovery is shot. Just not sure about dosage. That's why I wanted to see a doc but this one is old and stubborn and doesn't seem the most helpful/understanding more like oh great another problem.

If .5 a week is to little or to much or just right. How long would it take.


Start at .25 eod and get bloodwork in a month on your own If you dont want to wait. Or find a better doctor.


standard dosing protocol is .5mg twice a week for caber.

Take it before bed as it can make you feel a bit weird


Okay thanks guys.