Cabergoline with Test or Tren

What is the benefit to using cabergoline with just Test? I know it’s good to use when taking tren to keep prolactin levels down but I have heard it gives a libido boost when taken with test only. Is this true?

Minimal to no benefit that I’m aware of since Caber is used to treat high prolactin (which Tren is notorious for rasing).

probably false.

caber reduces prolactin. Prolactin is elevated on tren, so caber reduces that side effect. high prolactin reduces dopamine levels. high prolactin is associated with low sex drive. so since prolactin is not elevated with just test, there doesn’t seem to be any need to use caber.

that being said, if you use caber on test, you may maintain high sex drive post-orgasm. it’s debatable whether or not this would be favorable… lol. There’s a spike in prolactin levels after a male orgasm. This is why we lose our sex drive (or part of the reason) right after we have sex. So, if you’re on caber, this effect won’t be so pronounced, and you may be driven to have sex again much sooner than you would otherwise. Great for an orgy. Maybe not so great if you want to go to sleep after sex.

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It was supposed to be a trick used in the porn industry to help with sex drive. What about taking it while taking tren? What dosage is best? Does it work better than taking Arimidex?

I beleive what you’re referring to (and Flip mentioned in his posting) is its ability to reduce the ‘refratory period’ (i.e. the period immediatley following a man’s orgasm) in which he has no interest in sex.
If you’re taking Tren only then you wouldn’t need Arimidex since Tren doesn’t convert to E. On the other hand if you’re taking Test AND Tren then you may need both Arimidex and Caber. The arimidex would lower the amount of Test converting to E and the caber would treat any elevated prolactin caused by the Tren.

The drawback is you don’t need to lower prolactin on just test and if you do you’ll crash your prolactin and have zero sex drive. Don’t use drugs you don’t need. The end. The only drug you could use for this would be bromocriptine since it has a short half life. You can play with it and see what it does. But I don’t recommend it.


Any time you can work the phrase “great for an orgy” into a conversation you know you’re on top of your game.