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Cabergoline vs Bromocriptine

So ever since I have decided to add NPP to a cycle I keep seeing that anyone who uses a nandrolone product should use cabergoline to combat the excess prolactin. I have been looking for a place to get caber and wherever I find it is extemely expensive. I stumbled upon a profile of NPP that suggested either cabergoline or this bromocriptine.

I have found that this product is much cheaper and am curious as to whether anyone has any experience with the product or knows if it is an equal substitute to cabergoline.

People get more side effects with bromo. The only ones I can remember offhand are headaches and nausea. You can do a google search on how people react to bromocriptine.

Caber isn’t that expensive if you consider the alternative. $70 for 20mg from an online pharm isn’t that much to shell out in return for a normal sex life and recovery ability.

I can’t argue with that at all, the only thing is the “cheapest” i’ve been able to find the stuff is 2mg for around $45. At that price it just gets a lil ridiculous trying to buy that much for that price.

Just make sure you buy tablets; dont get it in some kind of liquid suspension

Did you consider into the pricing that the dosing of Caber would be at 1mg per week, while Bromo would be at 2.5mg/day or 17.5mg/week? Just curious as I find Caber to be cheaper and better. Bromo has some shitty sides. I don’t notice any from Caber, but then again many use it just fine.

Yes, however, I can get the necessary amount of bromo at about half the price. But i have found what I need now for caber anyways.