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Cabergoline on Drug Test?

Did some research found absolutely nothing but wanted to make sure…anybody ever hear of cabergoline being an issue on a standard 12 panel drug test…false positives or anything (military). Was considering B6 for prolactin but the neuro sides at high doses worry me. Any suggestions or thoughts?

Why r U using caber. Altered neurotransmitter related side effects can occur from 19-nors too, if you’re worried about anxiety, depression, ED and the likes stay away from 19-nors, this also amoreliates the need for Caber.

Or are you talking about neuropathy associated with high or low vitamin B6, in which … Don’t use high doses

Thanks for the reply. 32 years old on prescribed TRT third cycle planning on running 400mg tren e along with my test c 200mg and arimidex 1mg trt dosage likely 10-12 week cycle. Ran tren before at same dose with no Prolactin or ED sides but would like to be safe…i read good things about caber, including sleep improvements.

I figure since i really had no obvious signs with my last cycle, i can ge fine with just 2-300mg a day of B6. But i hear good things about caber id like to see how it affects my sleep specifically. Last thing im just curious about is whether or not there are any known issues with drug tests, research ive done so far says no, and i realize it is a dopamine agonist so there shouldn’t be an issue…unless anyone knows of a false positive

So, you’re on active duty? And you want to run Tren? I dont know what your career field is, but Tren has a ton of sides that dont mesh will with a military environment.

Not active duty, prior service…using the military standard drug test as an example. Thanks for your concern