Cabergoline for Prolactinoma, Low T

i’ve been on cabergoline for pituatary tumor for a few months now. I believe i’ve had this for many years with all these problems including low t, slight depression, very low motivation, and low hgh. i’ve done alot of research on these subjects that leads me to believe I’ve had problems all the way since puberty. I am 24 years old now i’ve been living with these hormone imbalances all this time and feel like i’m missing out on alot. I’m hoping the cabergoline is successful in removing the tumor, but i’m stressing to much on my lack of energy, and all these symptoms I’m considering going on trt but don’t think my endo is to sure and wants me to wait out the 6 months on cabergoline and check my levels then. I’m also thinking about hgh cause i believe all my symptoms, my physical and mental aren’t just of low t but also GH deficiency.

I’ve tried clomid before which brought my t very high but still mood, energy, and sex drive slightly felt any better. So thats why i’m thinking of possibly getting on T+ GH therapy.
My questions are that could i get on these therapys would it affect the tumor?
What would GH do for me now since im older now could i benefit with any growth?
How has this affected my puberty, delayed puberty?
Anyone else with similar problems?

Your original thread is here: Low T & Prolactinoma Issues - #6 by KSman

Did you confirm that you were using iodized salt?
Oral body temperatures?
Low thyroid function can lead to lower energy levels.

Cabergoline will shrink the adinoma, but it will never be removed.

GH: Do you have IGF-1 lab results?
That would indicate your GH status.
It does not make any sense to be having this discussion without IKGF-1 data.

Cabergoline typically lowers prolactin quite quickly.

If you did not feel right on clomid, it might be the clomid. Nolvadex does not have the negative effects that some guys get.

We have had some guys with caber dealing with prolactin. How one’s HPTA responds depends on many other variables.

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yeah i use iodized salt its been in my diet for years just not sure if i’ve been getting enough of it.
according to my endo my thyroid function is normal

So is the cabergoline only effective in shrinking the tumor and lowering prolactin level?

I only 1 test of IGF-1 from about 2 years ago the level was at 199… from what i’ve heard one lab isn’t enough to determine if GH is low, what other tests would show or suspect low levels other than all the symptoms.

I haven’t been on clomid since last year my testosterone level jumped up very high so my endo told me to stay off clomid after that got an mri done and been on cabergoline since.
Its been about 3 months and i have not noticed or felt any improvement.

I refused to go on trt earlier hoping that with the prolactin levels down T would go up.
I go in for labs the end of next month, if t levels are still low would Nolvadex be good to try now?

Caber also increases dopamine, so your reward and enjoyment could be better and mood could improve.

You should be feeling improvements by now.

You should:
Oral body temperatures?
Low thyroid function can lead to lower energy levels.

Clomid was not the problem, it was the dose.

yeah i understand that’s benefits of caber but i have yet to feel any mood improvement. I spoke to endo today about increasing the dosage 1mg which i believe he said 1mg once a week.

I will look into the body temps…

This is the second endo I’ve seen so i wanted i’d ask him about Trt which I kinda already knew what he would say when i brought it up, the usual “your testosterone levels are very normal” I told him I did not agree with that and same as the other endo who i think didn’t wanna deal with it cause i think they dont know how to manage trt. I notice endos are really just basic and I have to often explain some things to them that they don’t know about.

So he shot me down on the trt, then i asked about checking THYROID function, he’s seen all my previous labs and just said "normal, normal everything, and that he didn’t know what was wrong with me, whats causing my ED, Low libido, depression, anxiety, no muscle mass, fatigue, etc so there must me somthing else wrong with me cause its not your testosterone. once again another waste of time with endo.

Now I’m not sure what i want, if TRT is right for me or just continue to be miserable on CABER.

When I was taking CLOMID my dose was .25 everyday for 3 months, whats the best dose for taking clomid?

Sorry I’m not so active here and i know i have my other post with alot more of my info just kinda new to these forums as you already know. would it be best to return posting on there instead?

Thanks for all your Info

Can you take 1/2mg caber twice a week?

Note that the side effects listed are from high doses for Parkinson’s and it is thought that the low doses for situations like yours create very few problems. But literature and FDA statements are broadly true, but individual experiences require individual solutions.

You feel miserable because of caber or because your TRT is not happening?

Maybe 1/2 mg/week caber was effective. Prolactin labs would be needed.

that is what I’m currently on, 1/2 mg of cabergoline twice a week monday and friday.
My last labs my endo said prolactin was under control but continue to take it to get rid of the Adenoma.

My labs from 10/01/15

PROLACTIN 2.6-13.1

Free T 46.0-224.0 pg/ml

Total T 250-1100 ng/dl

SHBG 10-50 nmol/L

Bio Test 110.0- 575.0 ng/dl

Albumin 3.6-5.1

LH 1.2-8.6

TSH 1.3-19.3

Yeah I think the caber just made my mood a little worse, it brought down prolactin levels but i dont think my T has improved much. I’ll have to get labs ordered to check my T from another Doc or something cause my endo doesn’t want to deal with Trt.

Is HCG a better alter… to clomid?

Update testosterone labs

TT 559 ng/dL 220 - 1000 ng/dL

Free Testosterone Percent 1.7 % 0.5 - 3.2 %

Free Testosterone 94.5 pg/mL 40 - 240 pg/mL

just a testosterone lab was done when I explained my all my syptoms to a urologist.
blood draw was done at 10am an hour after i woke and fasting 12 hours

TT about the same level as my labs from 5 months ago i know 500 is a not as low level of T but they have been lower in labs before. I’ve been doing alot to help increase my levels naturally

sleep 7-8 hours

workout/wieghts at least 4 days a week
I supplement Fish oil, flax seed oil, vitamin D 2000iu, ZMA, multi V, and whey
I try to avoid all sugar
eat 4 meals a day meals all meals mostly organic foods

update on mood/changes/symptoms
still have no libido, ED, morning erection not so much
still cloudy mind, memory recall, unable to concentrate in any tasks
extreme fatigue
I’m 5’7 when growing up my measurements would always be 5’9?
weigh 145 still unable to gain weight or gain muscle with a good diet and athletic lifestyle for more that 10 years.
I’m kinda anti social but used to be very out going when i was younger
still have small gyno on one breast, which also happened when i was 14/15 but went away and back at 19. I think this affected my puberty, Delayed puberty, late bloomer, I had ed problems at 16.

i Read alot on these issues and figured that i have low pituitary function HYPOpituitarism
which also cause lowered levels of thyroid function and adrenal hormones.

what should i do from here all docs 2 endos and urologist say everything is normal, thyroid, testosterone etc… tired of hearing that normal bs which i know i dont feel normal. I can’t get TRT or any treatment for any of these issues.

Many guys report a mood improvement with hCG.
Some guys feel like crap on Clomid - which does not happen with Nolvadex.

You might do well, or better mood, with 1/2 caber dose. 0.5mg/week is typically effective.