Cabergoline for Occasional Use

Hi , many people wanted to know if this is possible including me , so i decided to do some research and read some studies to see if occasional use of cabergoline for sex is possible

And actually it is possible BUT… i need some help of some expert people in this subject

Cabergoline has a Half life of almost 3 days and his Plasma peak is 3 Hours after ingested

And also Prolactin Levels are in his lowest level possible after 2 days after taking the medication

So i started to think like ,should i have sex near plasma peak so i can avoid PRL from raising or should i wait 2 days till PRL is on its lowest level?

Anyway if no one knows the answer , i was thinking in to putting myself to the test , i will bring my girlfriend home and staying with her 3 days straight so i can see when and how my libido reacts , probably will start with 2 or 3 mg at once

after testing it , i will give you guys some logs!

thank you , any help appreciated

I’ve tried this for this very reason. Had pharma grade caber and took various doses and never had any significant changes.

Which doses have you used? There must be a way with timming and dosing , since ive read logs of people being Addicted to sex and gambling , even if it does happen with long term usage , there must be a dose to get PRL down Faster so can be used occasionally , but ill give a try anyway

I honestly don’t remember anymore. I’d have to go back and see the tablet amounts.

Good luck. Keep us posted