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Cabergoline Dosing


4 pages deep in the search function, including threads in steroids, over 35 and SAMA nothing has come up regarding the amount of cabergoline to be used to combat high prolactin levels from 300mg/wk of nandrolone. There are threads saying to use .5mg EOD for a specific HRT case and another recommendation of .25mg E3D for post cycle libido recovery. Neither apply to the speicific situation I am interested in.

Other drugs being used are Testosterone at 500mg/wk and dianabol at 210mg/wk. Estrogen is being managed properly.

Libido is not completely gone but it could be improved. ED is an up and down thing at this point (no pun haha) but it's definitely not a strong point.

Obviously one would want to use the least amount of caber as possible due to its price. If anyone has any experience from a similar situation or direct knowledge of sucessful usage, that information would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know if I left out any other important information.

Thanks guys


.5 mg 2x wk or .5 E3D. You may possibly be able to reduce your adex dosage you are currently using as well.

Get the tabs as well as I dont know too many people that have had success with the liquid research chems.


Glad to hear from you Lilguy.

Yeah, I've decided on .5mg e3d. Placed an order for 20mg worth of pharm grade pills. It'll be plenty since I only have about 5 weeks of deca left.

I was thinking of using the caber for 2.5-3.5 weeks after the last deca injection.

What do you think about that?


I'd use it during too, and for 2-4 weeks after. But that is me and how i know i react to prolactin.

Email me your source Bonez.. :wink:



Yea I meant that I was going to use it during as well.


I actually think the problems were primarily in my head, but I'm still going to use the caber to see if theres a difference. I assume there will be.


Bonez.... what does ur cycle look like week wise? I kno ur at 500mg test, 300 deca, 210 dbol... how many weeks for each anabolic?


PM me if you want


is it advisable to use caber in conjunction with adex and/or aromasin??


Caber has a different function from an AI, so yes, of course it can be used in conjunction.


Bonez, too funny that's the exact same cycle I am doing but I am uping the Test to 750.
Keep me/us posted on your results, and yes I would start the caber around 2 weeks after your first Deca injection, and carry through the rest of the cycle and 2- 4 weeks ast your last one.


Just realised this thread has been dead for nearly a year... sorry bowing out now..


Lol no worries about the date.

You can PM with specific questions. I'm glad to share my experience. Well whatever I can remember of it.