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Cabergoline and GHRP 6 Questions


Hey all,
I have two unrelated questions, but rather than take up two threads I thought I'd kill them with one. The questions are more general than specific and I should say upfront that I have no plans on using either one in the near future, this is just one area where my knowledge is hazy at best.

First, Cabergoline. I know that it's used to combat prolactin levels and that it is most commonly used when taking tren and/or deca. I did a dosing search and drew a blank. I looked at the posts in the beginning of the newb steroid planning specifically those by Furious George and while he mentions it several times, no where have I seen dosing regimens.

Admittedly, there is a lot of pages there and I could have missed it, though the search function drew an equally large blank. Basically, I'm interested in dosing regimens and how they correspond with how much tren/deca the user is taking.

Second, GHRP 6. I have no source for HGH and this is something that I would be looking into in the future anyway, but I am curious as to how effective GHRP 6 is as well as doing regimens. I read up on an old article called "The Fountain of GH" which was written by Berardi.

In it he writes that, "Whereas a GH injection might cause a large spike in GH and the suppress GH for hours thereafter, these drugs(growth hormone releasing peptides), increase GH frequency and amplitude in a more physiological manner...the GH secretagogues offer a pulsatile GH release that is more physiologic than the GH burst that a GH injection gives."

To my novice reading it sounds as if he is saying that the petptides are better recieved and mimic natural GH production better than does HGH. I could very well be reading that incorrectly as I certainly don't have a doctorate in biology or chemistry. My only claim to fame is an A in a 100 level Molecular Biology course and an A in a 100 Chem course...which obviously leaves a hell of a lot to be desired.

Any comments/insights/info would be appreciated. I am aware of my ignorance with regards to GH in general and again am in no way looking to use such agents anytime soon. I am simply looking to learn more so if there are other articles/sites that give this information in a easily understandable form feel free to post that instead. Thanks again for helping me learn more. With Respect...


A quick post from me:

1) Caber is great used at 1mg/wk - dosed twice at 0.5mg over the week. I have used it successfully at this with 400mg Deca/wk with the perfect effect on libido i was looking for. I cant recommend it, and do not use it with Tren - Tren is pro-libido in myself.

2) The article was old - and while the point he made is correct in theory, most GH dosing protocols take this into consideration - not only this but GH has a short half life - it is a peptide - not a drug in the usual sense and negative feedback can be avoided easier than with long acting test preparations for example.
GHRP will give a great effect (i haven't used it) but AFAIK it will help one to keep leaner, and increase appetite massively, but little else - i have read somewhere, maybe here, that the peak saturation dose for GHRP is equivalent to 1.5iu of GH per day.
This is a very low GH dose, and is useful for fat buring and connective tissue repair mostly IIRC.

IMO if you want a boost in appetite with good nutrient partitioning, then use some GHRP on cycle.
If you want the main benefits of GH then go for that - 200iu would last 5 months dosed at 2iu/day, 5x/wk. This would give decent fat loss and connective tissue benefits.. BBB told me once that this would be enough to help an ectomorph exhibit slightly more mesomorphic joint integrity - and 200iu is not that expensive IME ($400 or so from any half decent contact).

The info in the second answer is all based on research, not personal experience. So bear that in mind. :wink:


I have very little experience with GHRP-6 which includes having absolutely nobody that I've consulted with over the years using it. So this is, unlike most of what I post, based on quite little.

Mimicking natural GH production better, if that's the case, wouldn't mean necessarily being more effective than injected GH. It would mean if natural GH production were deficient, perhaps better getting it back to same as natural.

In my own case GHRP-6 worked well -- about 1 mg per week divided into 2-4 injections per day, no exact protocol, for about 6 weeks while using TA and HCG -- but I probably have pitiful natural GH by now, being 47. Whether it would provide as much relative improvement for a younger guy, I don't know.


Also, in the past I have used GH at 4 IU/day which very promptly gave me painful neuropathy that lasted months and got no obvious improvement in the brief time I was on it, which was probably about 2 weeks. (This was years ago and I don't recall exactly.)

GH at 2 IU/day never did much noticeable for me. Probably improved skin quality and aided leanness a bit, but nothing noticeable for muscle.

The GH use was of course in the context of AAS cycles. I don't recall the dosage but positively it was more than used during the GHRP-6 cycle.

So for me -- not saying it is true for anyone else but for me -- the GHRP-6 worked better. No neuropathy and it did aid muscle gain.

However for someone that can tolerate more GH, absolutely I'd expect the reverse.


Thanks Brook. Spot on with what I was looking for with the dosages :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying that bit about mimicking natural GH production, I had a feeling I wasn't reading it quite the way it was intended. Definitely good info for when I'm a little older (only 25) with regards to GHRP6. Thanks again.


Correction: I used about one vial a week. The vials are actually 5 mg.


BR you used divided doses. A lot of people use it once a day before bed or if they do divide doses their largest dose is pre-bed. What are your thoughts on that protocol?


I really don't have a basis to say. My thought was that divided doses would be unlikely to be inferior and might be better.

Particularly as the mechanism is that of causing the pituitary to release more GH, and that is normally done in a number of pulses over the day, rather than one single all-at-once pulse.

However I have no proof or evidence (haven't tried to obtain any) that in the case of GHRP-6 there is an advantage to the divided dosing.

I did adhere to the more-emphasis-at-night idea: there was always a before-bed dose, and often a middle-of-the-night dose (I don't sleep straight through the night but always wake fully for a few minutes a couple of times; luckily I get back to sleep quickly.)

By no means would I suggest a person deliberately wake up in the middle of the night for an injection.

The idea of emphasizing night-time use with a larger dose then sounds reasonable but I have no way of knowing for a fact if it helps. If the usual-sized dose is large enough to get near-maximal effect anyway, though, then it would be wasteful to do that. I don't have information on what size dose that would be. This doesn't happen to be a thing I've put any significant study into.