Caber Use

Im getting ready to run a test & tren cycle and I have caber on hand. Im wondering how everyone out there is using caber?

Are you taking it right from the start? Or waiting to assess if any prolactin sides will arise?

This was a great thread from years ago but it never seemed to stay on the topic of Caber use:

I saw in a recent post about Bromo, that it wasn’t recommended to take a dopamine agonist without knowing if you need it.

Aside from discovering your own personal response to tren prolactin sides, is there reason not to take Caber right from the start?

I’m thinking of waiting to assess if theres any sides from the tren, but definitely can’t afford to not be able to “perform”. Anyone tell me how long the caber will take to kick in and counteract elevated prolactin?

Above is a link to an older thread here about Progesterone, Prolactin and Estrogen in relation to 19nors. Take some info from it…you may end up confused as fuck though, but it’s a good read. I think we need to remember that, at least to my knowledge, all these studies, data, theory etc when related to tren and increased P all stems from lab rat studies, not human, meaning in theory it may seem sound, but in real world application to a male human…who knows for sure?! If Bill is still lurking around it would be good to get his input on this topic.

At least in my limited opinion, control estrogen (control, not eliminate), and you’re likely going to be fine. By all means have caber on hand though. If you really feel the need to use it as a precautionary measure, then 0.25 mg E3D would be okay I suppose, no more than 0.5 mg E3D to 2x/wk. Libido and such shouldn’t be a major issue if you run a pinch of test, and regulate your E. maybe add proviron (strictly for libido only) or have some cialis on hand if you’re paranoid.

Thanks for the link Juice. Thats a great read. There always seems to be more questions than answers with Progesterone and Prolactin. I plan to run Adex, as I’m pretty comfortable managing with the doses my body needs. For my own knowledge, I will refrain from talking the caber right away. Although I’m tempted to try it out at some point for the enhanced sexual sides.

I am still wondering if anyone knows how long caber takes to have an effect should I experience elevated prolactin sides?