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Caber Required on Cycle?

Alright lads I’m going to be starting a new cycles after the new year’s activities and it will be the first time I incorporate deca into a cycle, I will be running test 500mg ew deca 300 ew and mast 400 ew. I’ll be running hcg and adex throughout but my source doesn’t have caber so what I’m asking is if it is necessary or not? Thankyou :+1:

Personally I don’t think you will need it. Masteron is a great additive for keeping libido high. With that said, I did have some issues with ED while running NPP. If you can find it, and afford it. Then put it in your cub board if you need it

Thinking for the swift reply :+1:

Or would it be safer to run eq instead of the deca at around 800mg?

Safer in terms of what? EQ raises HCT and BP, sometimes significantly. To my knowledge nandrolone does not mess with your blood the way EQ does. So if you mean safer for your hammer, sure, EQ probably presents fewer potential problems. But for overall health and safety? Not sure about that. That said, the guys who love EQ really love EQ. So certainly worth exploring.