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Caber Oral Suspension

I have 100mcg/1ml caber. I’m on tren and got blood tested high prolactin levels just dont know how much too take. I do understand you need to take 0.25 mg every 2 weeks until prolactin levels go down… I just can’t do the math lol for what I got. This was the only caber I was able to get my hands on And I needed it so I got it.

According to google 250mcg is equal to .25 mg

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Yes. Take 2.5 ml.

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100 mcg/1mL is your concentration
.25 mg is your desired dose
1000 mcg = 1 mg (so in mg/mL your concentration is .1 mg/mL)

The amount of fluid you need to take to get .25 mg of drug is found by dividing the desired dosage (.25 mg) by the concentration in the same units (.1 mg/mL). When you do the division it will be 2.5 mL per dose to get .25 mg.

I am not saying anything in regards to if this is the correct dosage or not for you. Just how to do the math.

You probably will have any reference to the source edited out FYI.

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If people understand units, they’ll have no problem to do math. Most people I know think units are some sort of magical letter salad that just gets put behind the number. Instead of that, just do math with units!

You got mcg/mL and 0.25 mg = 250 mcg

How do you get to mL??

Right. Dividing mcg by mcg/mL

—> mcg/mcg/mL = mL

Put the numbers in front of that:

250 mcg / 100 mcg/mL = 2.5 mL

Calculations where only 3 units are involved and needed, that’s the easiest way to get where you want in my opinion.

I know that probably wasn’t OPs problem.


Some units are funky (not everything is as nice as this example). I was attempting to calculate the calories burned doing a squat the other day. The issue here is that we label weights with a mass (kg). But we measure them as a force or weight (with a scale that is measuring force), so do I multiply by gravitational acceleration, or has that already been accounted for? What we call weight is actually a mass reading with the assumption being that we are on earth. A 20 kg weight doesn’t inherently weigh anything unless it is being acted upon by gravity or some other force. We have conflated weight and mass (most people don’t know the difference either). Stuff like this can really make one second guess their work.

We can then calculate work, which is force times distance. That gives us a joule. Simple conversion to calories (divide by roughly 4.2). Now we have calories. BUT what most people think of a calorie is actually a kcal or 1000 calories.

Conclusion: sometimes just moving things around until units work out is a great way to do math. Other times it can make you feel like you are taking crazy pills. Don’t even get me started on how insane the imperial system is.

End of rant.


That’s why I wrote

But you are completely right.

I try to always write kcals instead of calories to be precise. Because if your speech is precise there’s less room for error and misunderstanding.

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I remember a moment in college chem 1 where I realized 75% of this class is using proper math to make the units the same as the units the answer required. It was smooth sailing from there on.

Y’all just had to go and one up me :roll_eyes: I see how it is


Yes, in the beginning chemistry teachers and lecturers just try to get students to understand units and treat chemical math like normal math :joy:

I hated units when I first had physics in 6th grade until I understood that you treat them the same you treat numbers and variables basically. No mo problems afterwards.

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Thank you guys for the feed.back and information. I tried researching this myself but could not find any oral suspension for caber…

I’d take .25mg every week, not every other, but that also depends on what your actual PRL level was? Do you have that number?

These are my blood results I took them mid cycle with tren e, test E, proviron,

PRL isn’t super high, kinda surprised. But yeah start with .25mg weekly, or vita,in B6

Also, how is your HCT so low? Never seen someone in the 30’s while on AAS

I have no clue the Dr didn’t.mention it as a bad thing . Kinda briefly went over it what exactly is HCT? And how would.i fix that