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Cabby's TRT Journal

TRT newbie. Typical symptoms across the board. Initial labs from Labcorp are,

Total testosterone - 307 284-916 ref.
Free testosterone - 4.1 8.7-25.1 ref.
IGF-1 -217 88-246 ref.
Estradiol -13.1 7.6-42.6 ref.

I am 5’7" 185, 32 years old.
Prescribed are 160mg test cyp, Hcg, Anastrozole. One shot a week test, one shot a week hcg and after fourth week 0.5mg Anastrozole per week. I was told my E2 was low and to wait on 0.5. Doctor says he wants my levels up before I use any Anastrozole. Also, directions say 1000 IU per week hcg, does this sound right? From what little research I’ve done it seems a bit much.

First shot taken Wednesday afternoon. So far I felt my mood very improved as of yesterday. Pumps in the gym are already noticeable. Will post all bloodwork here as it’s completed. Full blood panel will be completed at 6 weeks. I will provide an official copy. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, Cabby

I would wait on the Anastrozole until you have symptoms. If you are sensitive to it, and drive your E2 down further, you are going to be fucking miserable. 160mg a week, given your current E2 reading, may put your E2 into a good spot so don’t rush to the AI.


I echo the above. Regarding hCG, when used simultaneously with testosterone the dosing is usually split into 2x or 3x per week, and usually less, 300IU if twice and 250IU each for three per week. However, 1000IU isn’t crazy. It does seem to stimulate higher E2 than test only protocols.

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I second the 2-3 times per week use of HCG, strange that your doctor what’s you to inject HCG once weekly, it will clear out of your system before the week is over and therefore no benefit.

In about 3 weeks the TRT honeymoon will be over and you will go back to feeling like you did before TRT do to your HPTA shutting down, don’t sweat it as your body will take time to balance out.

Your SHBG must be above midrange to high normal do to your lower Free T and dosing seems adequate. If fertility is of no concern drop the HCG and you may be able to drop the AI as well, that’s always a good thing.

I prefer to start TRT in isolation and adding HCG when fertility is important, some men don’t tolerate HCG at all.

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If SHBG is high, once a week dose would be more ideal than twice? I am wondering, would it be wise to split my hcg dose in half for twice a week? And what effect will using/not using it have on my libido? If I continue probably day before test injection and 3 days later maybe.

The 72 hour mark I felt a little irritable and not so good of mood. Today 4 days, morning wood and libido is crazy…in good spirits compared to yesterday.

Not necessarily more ideal, but multiple weekly injections are not really needed.

I would split the hCG dose. It may effect libido, but most do not notice much of a difference when added to a proper TRT protocol. Their purpose for taking hCG is either maintaining fertility, or preventing testicular atrophy, or both. Some feel hCG helps them lean out, but that has not been my experience (I’ve used it twice in the past two years and for six weeks each time).

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Just after second shot, little tingling in the nipple area. Called doc and he said take one of my Anastrozole. It wasn’t hardcore bothersome but I felt something now and again. That low of e2 and am I converting that quick??? I also believe I felt better after taking it. Hard to say though, I was at the gym and had a badass workout. Awesome pumps and felt stronger already. Second time doing my Back training and weight increases were surely noticable.