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Cabby vs. Stuttering John(Howard Stern)

for all you stern fans… i’m startin bets about the grudge boxing match vs. Crazy Cabby and Stuttering John and who is gonna win the fight… cabby’s got the weight advantage,but john’s quick and nuts… so my vote is john…

Just want to say that I hope John wins! That Cabbie is just one big fat loser. Totally sick of that guy. He’s just one big dope.
John may be an alcoholic, but at least he’s funny and has a life. So I hope he kicks the crap out of him. Either way, it should be hilarious…

To be honest, John has made a lot of progress and is looking pretty good. I work at a gym in Glen Cove, NY, and one Stuttering Johns’ trainers is a member. They come in every so often to do cardio on rainy days, get protein shakes and so forth. John’s still as crazy as ever, but now he knows how to throw a punch. I went over to the kickboxing gym to watch him fight, and up until that point my money had been on Cabbie. as of now I’m not sure who’s going to win, but it’ll be a good fight.

too bad that it will not be on TV live. I hope that E! will have it that night.

Cabby is gonna kick the shit out of Stuttering John.

is this Howard stern’s first boxing match between cast members? If so, he could be stealing a bit?

i’m stuck here in cornland and i’ve been following the saga since it ripped open and cabby is one crazy moth4er fucker. that is cool that one4 of you saw john training… i don’t know what he actually looks likenow cuz i haven’t seen the E show in ages cuz i don’t have cable but i also do know that Stern is going to air it on E, pretty much uncensored? not sure on that fact… john’s boxed before i think but cabby and john have a history of a grudge. they’re also going to have a celebrity match and some chicks will be in it. if you’ve been listenign this week i think Stamos and stern should battle it out for rebecca romaine or however you spell her name… the stamos’ have been staying in NY and j. stamos has been on stern’s nerves lately. if we really want3eed a good match we could look to see Stern kick Imus’ ass , now that would be rich. face is back, and enjoy, cuz she’s fresh.

my favorite thing was the weight loss competition. That poor bastard from Bally’s was trying to explain how you don’t normally nor should you lose 41 pounds in a month there. Also he seemed a little put off by the fact that baba booey GAVE HIMSELF A FREAKIN ENEMA ON THE MENS ROOM FLOOR.

Who do you think Stern is stealing the bit from. He came up with celebrity boxing years before Fox. In fact, he brought the idea to Fox years ago but they said it would never make money. If you’re talking about other radio shows with boxing bits, I doubt it was before the Rivera/Stallone fight. Natt the Hat

Stuttering stupid all the way. Bronx Bomber, Stern did the Geraldo Rivera-Frank Stallone fight many years ago(8-10 maybe). Not show members but two “regular guys”. Also did Angry Black-Crazy Cabby two years ago. Not really stealing a bit.

No, I was just asking. I don’t really follow Stern, so I was unsure. Thanks for clearing it up.

stern acutally also proposed the Ozzy osborne show to begin with.

I hope that one of them learned to fight. I remember seeing a tape of John and another cast member getting into a scuffle. They both fought like pussies. Should be a bore, kinda like a singing contest between Yoko Ono and Linda McCartney.

i don’t know about it being a bore… this one is really being drawn out… and now it seems stern is pissed at john cuz john is acting like a total retard around the place, givin ppl orders and shit… cabby was on the phone thursday. too bad i have never seen what any of them except stern look like because i don’t have cable

When the hell is it airing on TV?

may 31 on E