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CA Cross-Dressers


"A California bill working its way through the state legislature providing more protection for transgender individuals in the workplace could allow for cross-dressing employees to wear whatever they want to work, despite workplace dress codes."


Wish that state would float off into the ocean.


Can't wait to drop my kid off at daycare to this monster.


So CA business owners, either lose business by having a Dennis Rodman wannabe behind the counter, or face a lawsuit which will no doubt be a win for Drag Queens all across this great land.

What really sucks for all the normal workers in CA is that there will probably be a non-gender specific dress code implemented across the board by businesses to combat this insanity. Khakis and polos for everyone! Sorry ladies, hope you will forgive these idiots when you all have to dress like bull dyke softball coaches.


I could see how some employee dressing stupid screwing over a business and elementary school kids would be scared shitless if they have a crossdressing teacher. People need to take the purpose of their jobs into consideration rather than care so much about their own feelings about fashion.


At my brothers old work(an insurance place), one day they called this meeting and everyone thought it had to do with actual work, but what it turned out to be about was that Steve(I don't know if that was it's real name) would be finalizing it's sex change operation, and on Monday would now be known as Raquel(again, not sure of the name but I'm sure you get the point).
I now they were talking about making sex change operations apart of healthcare(in California I think it was and also in Canada I believe), does anyone know what happened with that?


If someone needs to crossdress to feel comfortable let them be..as long as they perform at their job,who cares?


Our state government is indeed completely fucked.

But the weather is amazing and I wouldn't want to live too many other places.

Lack of humidity... well it makes up for just about errrrrything.


So who was the first to nail Raquel?



If you knew how fucked up this state is, you would fall over.

A bill currently in the legislature if passed would remove voter approval to raise taxes. Yes, the government could raise taxes without a single vote by citizens.

A bill if passed would let counties and school boards impose their own tax. Yes, another tax. The tax could increased without a vote, without any limit. They could literally tax people as much as they want.

A bill if passed would let remove fingerprinting foodstamp recipients, so they could collect endless amounts with no way to monitor how many people have already gotten.

A bill if passed would not allow law enforcement agencies to share criminal fingerprints with other law enforcement agencies in California. Cops could not check to see if a warrant was issued for a suspect in another city or state.


Your avatar certainly helps my frustration with Cali government.


Max, you got my sympathy my friend!

a) How do the people of CA let this shit constantly happen? Dumb, no time to worry about politics, actually agree with the policies? I don't get it. How Pelosi is still in office I will never understand.....

b) Why are "sane" people still living there. I know Hallowed says the weather, but fuck that. No weather could make you forget about some of the shit being pulled.

c) While I don't live in CA, and I really have no idea how bad it is other than what I read, would you say CA represents the liberal mindset utopia? How do people not see how poorly that state is ran yet want the entire Fed Gov to follow it? Makes no sense to me.....


Really don't want this to go to PWI. I know my last post is probably on the verge of it happening. Hard to not get into the actually politics of this issue tho.


Every day my hatred burns away at my sympathy for my fellow man. Soon there will be nothing but a shell harboring an evil so complete it wants nothing more than to watch the last trees burn and what is left of humanity claw and rip at eachother in its final, pathetic death throws.


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I guess I'm the only person who doesn't see what the problem is. Why do you care how other people dress?


WTF is a death throw?


I guess it can be uncomfortable for the eye, at least until you get used to it. It's just shocking until you get used to it. But after that, it should be all fine.


No problem at all as long as the business is given the same right to choose.


Easy to take that side, until; you bust your ass saving money to start your own business, you go into debt for said business, you work hard to expand your clientele, then one of your male workers shows up in a dress and make-up which turns away potential customers. But it should all be fine? You have the choice to wear whatever you want? So I guess I can show up tomorrow in a KKK robe? It's only shocking until you get used to it.


KKK Robe, Check.