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C4 and C5 Fused in My Neck, Workout Advise?


to get me back in shape. I also had a torn bicep, torn labrum and chipped bone in the cv joint of my shoulder. Its taken me 2 years to recover. I am 6 ft 3 before injury i weighed 237 i balloned to 293 and have lost 33 lbs in 2 months.

Now i need to get lose this fat with stripping what muscle i have left how can i get some muscle growth going to speed up my fat burning process. I eat real clean and exercise daily light weights and 45 minutes cardio. I cant lift heavy anymore so any help would be appreciated.



My suggestion is spend the money on a qualified trainer in your area. And by qualified I do not mean the run of the mill “gym” trainers. I mean someone who works with corrective exercise and athletes.


I just found out I have a slight bulging disc in c5-c6. Just started therapy. I was told no more axial loading. That means no squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, and anything else really heavy in my hands.

Crap I am only 31. This is depresing. I read about powerlifters having complete herniated disc and coming back to lifting big weight.

So far my PT has no impressed me. Thinking of giving them another session or two and if I dont see improvement moving to a different PT.

Anyways didnt mean to take over this thread. I to would like more info on this subject matter.

I am a trainer and I have some general knowledge on my problem but I could use an expert in corrective exercise and athletes. Problem is my area has none.

Look forward to reading more responses.