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c/whey f/caseins true?

In the photo section marc mcdougal posted this…

P+C Meals (3)
Protein: 60g (mostly whey)
Carbs: 70g (mostly dextrose/malto)
Fat: 3g

P+F Meals (3)
Protein: 60g (mostly caseins, animal)
Carbs: 5g (Fiber)
Fat: 40g (Olive & Flax oil,nuts)

The thing i was wondering is are you supposed intake whey with carbs and casiens with fats? Also which foods count as whey and which count as casiens? Which foods contain these proteins? thanks

P.S. i think i read it (thing about which foods conatin which) here but i tried to search and cant find it.

You’ve asked a lot of stupid questions recently. People suggested articles for you to read so you can educate yourself. You refused and attacked them. I could give you articles to read for this question too, but you know what? You won’t read them and will probably attempt to insult me for suggesting you educate yourself. You’ve been given many chances and you’ve failed. We hate people like you. Go away.

I can only hope you’re about 13 years old, then you’ll have some excuse.

Whey-protein shakes containing whey.

Casein-cottage cheese, milk, protein shakes containing casein (or milk protein isolate, for that matter)

Casein is slower digesting, so it goes well with fat, which slows digestion.

Whey is more quickly absorbed, which is why it is taken post-workout and in situations where insulin is higher (e.g. with carbs).

This was NOT difficult. You could have easily gotten this exact info from reading “Battle of the Proteins” by Cy Willson.

Thanks Paul…;o) We needed to hear that! Bobo my man…I’ll play the nice guy and suggest that you read “Protein Roundtable” “Solving the post-workout puzzle” and “Bedtime Story”…all by John Berardi. You gotta learn educate yourself…you will be surprised at how many of your own questions you can answer by reading the articles we suggest!

All i was asking for was A) is the template marc follows for his diet with the c\whey, f\ casien true and B) the protein article name because i forgot what it was called. Kind of hard to find what your looking for if you dont know what it is. Thanks tony for the article name. You also have to realize i cant read the whole t-mag archive in a few weeks. between work, school, the gym, and every other damn thing i have to do im lucky if i get to read and understand a few articles a night. Sometimes though i need answers a.s.a.p. and all i ask for is a little help. I bet you it’s much harder to bitch at me then to actually answer my questions.

Damn, Paul beat me to the punch.

The message here is:
Until you have read everything that has been written or discussed on this site and its archive, you as an ignorant peon are not welcome.
You have nothing to contribute.

The forums are for T-vets only. Lifting is SERIOUS business. Only they are capable of asking original questions that are worthy of answering. Real T-vets they have such a vast knowlege base, they can’t waste their time reading basic questions.

Now that the archives contain every bit of information presently known to man, there’s no need for one person to answer another person’s question.

Just train on your own for 15 years, wearing headphones with a “don’t even think about speaking to me” look on your face, read books, and avoid human contact. That’s what serious lifting is all about.

Okay, i wont post anymore? for a while atleast but just to get me out of your hair tell me are there any foods that contain whey besides shakes? Thats is all i want to know. The next you will here from me is when i post my results in pictures. thanks guys

Yeah Bobo, you can find whey in blueberry flavoured pop-tarts, Fruit-Loops cereal, Oreo Cookies and most foods containing copious amounts of hydrogenated palm kernel oil. Just stick to these foods and you’ll be looking fine in no time. Can’t wait to see you in the ''Photos" section.