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C. Poliquins Football Training CD

Did anyone else listen to Poliquin’s Grid Iron Warriors CD? I thought there was some good information on it. He doesn’t prescribe any agility drills (feels they are fraudulent), and feels the majority of strength coaches at Div 1 programs are too lazy to teach the Olympic lifts or are concerned with liablity. Also he likes the strong man lifts (super yoke, farmers walk and tire flip) to translate strength onto on field performance. I think NFL players are going to be beating down his door after what he did for David Boston.

I thought that Poliquin wasnt a big fan of the O-Lifts for athletics, what does he say on the cd about them…Thanks D-cuss

I bought the CD and enjoyed it very much. A lot of it covers the same material he talked about at a speed and agility seminar I went to two years ago. Poliquin does like Olympic lifts, but he does not consider them an all-the-time training method. As far as agility training, his short answer is that it’s bullshit, along with all of the sprint resistance/assistance gadgets, except for the towing sled, which he considers strength work, not speed work.