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Anybody else here Clean & Press? I freakin love it. Too bad it was removed due to commie judges passing bad lifts. It seems to hit the whole body, although that bs is used on alot of lifts that don’t.


My presses are pretty weak. Whereas my jerk is always a bit stronger than my clean. I also have a hard time arching just my thoracic spine. So I stick with the C&J and do presses on a different day.

my push press is pretty strong relatively, I don’t do heavy no leg drive press as its hard to go heavy for me. Also the whole arch is painful and scares me.

The clean (front squat oly style) for me is the hardest part. I’m new to Oly lifting (but still loving it). There’s a certain amt of skill involved in a properly executed clean. How the super heavy(s) can drop 400+lbs on they’re front delts and squat it up is beyond me???

I have the wrist flexibility but lack to trust in my skill at this point.