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Can I mix MCT (coconut oil) with my Protein + Carbs meals??..my guess is since MCTs are more likely to be turned into energy rather than fat, mixing it in with a protein and carb shake would be ok, including post-workout…any feedback would be apreciated.

I vote “no,” but this is mostly a gut-level reaction. I don’t know what research has been done on this.


try it, see how u get along, do it for a week, monitor workouts , weight and body composition … oh and let us know how u get on :wink:

Real world -

-They’ll make you fat on a HYPERcaloric diet. All calories count!

-They’ll prevent your body from digging into adipose tissue on a ketogenic diet.

-On a HYPOcaloric ex: 40/30/30 plan -they’ll preferrentially be used for acute energy needs, shunting any carbo’s into triglycerides and stored as fats.

In a coco - “nut” shell, they have not panned out the way John Parillo would have liked.

On a side note, if you mix them with a little silica and a touch of benzyl alcohol - they make a hell of a site enhancement oil - not that I would ever condone such a thing.


Thank you!!