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C******Labs (SCAMMER)


I just want to give any bros out there who might be thinking of doing biz with this source who's initials are CL ,a second thought ,as I and a few buddies have sent this source funds ,and got scammed ,as we did not get anything in return for the money we sent . from what I can see this source takes care of most ,But burns as few here ,and there (selective Scammer). When myself ,and a buddy of mine tried to get him to make good on the order he jumped ship . I know that I did'nt use the sources full name ,But I think if you are thinking of doing business with the source that I'm speaking of , you'll be able to fill in the blanks .



Did you locate a reliable resource. I hope you run into Cl one day and have the opportunity to give him a curbie.

I am Up in the Great White North trying to develop some networking.

Best of luck to you and your buddies.

By the way Karma always catches up with each and every one of us.