C&J or Snatch Followed by Chin-Ups

51 year-old male, started learning the snatch a couple of weeks ago; now also started learning the clean & jerk. I think I will be doing at least a little bit of one or the other every time I go to the gym for the time being: to get the technique ingrained, etc. I plan to keep some form of chinups or pullups in the rotation of “other exercises” that I do after the OLs, on the theory that full range-of-motion pulling is a basic body movement that I would rather not neglect.


Which of the following is likely to be less irritating for one’s (middle-aged) shoulder joints?

A) practice clean & jerk for a while, then do chinups
B) practice snatches for a while, then do chinups
C) bad idea for shoulder health to do OL and chinups in the same session
D) not predictable: individual experimentation required


hey bro,

i think body weight exercises are a great way to keep the joints lubricated and the muscles warm…the more your doing the better results you gonna see

i follow this order in my lifts

clean and jerk
bench press

i would say leave the body weight stuff to after the workout as a cool down, a lot of times my knees start to get creaky after a heavy session…or you can even do them in between sets, which is cool:)

Do them after your main stuff before you finish up.

Do them after the Oly and squats.


have someone else make sure your technique is not too outrageous. I’ve seen some horrible ones. If it’s good then the chinups won’t hurt. Do them with palms facing you, or facing each other. In terms of easier on the joints, cleans alone are the easiest.