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C.J. Hunter debacle

What is the acceptable levels of nandrolone in drug tests? I read that C.J. claims nandrolone was in a nutrutional supplement he used. Anyone know what he claimed to use?

The level for postitive nandrolone use is 2 ng/ml. I believe TJ’s reported level was approximately 1000 ng/ml. He claims to have taken an iron supplement in which the manufacturer included nandrolone, unbeknownst to TJ. The vice-president replied to TJ’s claim by saying that he would be one rusty fellow if he tested positive because of an iron supplement (paraphrase).

The cutoff point is 1ng/dL and there should
be NO nandrolone or any of it’s metabolites
found in a male human unless that person has
used nandrolone (or perhaps, 19-nor-4-diol)
as it is not found naturally in men…ever.

I find it highly dubious that CJ claims he tested positive and was not using Deca. He tested positive 3X over the course of several months. After he tested positive the first time, if he was "clean" as he claims, he might have evaluated what supps he was taking.

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CJ may be right fellas, I heard that hostess was spiking the cherry pies with nandralone.

Guys…question. Have any of you read the Mauro DiPasquale article suggesting that nandrolone may be produced in small quantities endogenously? Also he claims that there is sufficient evidence that nandrolone levels can be affected by supplements as well as alterations in steroidogenic pathways. Do you guys give the cited references or Mauro’s opinion on this topic any creedence? I havent seen all the references and am not convinced that Mauro has enough evidence for such speculation but he does paint a nice little picture (hypothesis). Feedback?

Also, John, note that if ingested a dozen pills contaminated each with .1mg of something that puts nortestosterone metabolites in your urine, you will get >1gram of ‘stuff’ and probably will fail the test by a lot.