C-J-A's Training Log

Tuesday 27-12-22

Safety bar squat

  • 145kg x 7
  • 135kg x 6
  • 115kg x 9


  • 140kg x 7
  • 125kg x 8
  • 115kg x 9

Nordic curls

  • 12-8

Wheel roll out

  • 3-3-3

Face pulls
4 x 25

Wednesday 28-12-22

Bench press

  • 110kg x 6
  • 100kg x 9
  • 90kg x 10

Overhead press

  • 70kg x 5
  • 65kg x 6
  • 60kg x 6


  • 15kg 12.10, 8

Cable crossover

  • 25kg x 13,7,4 (Rest pause-30 seconds rest)

Cable curls

  • 12-10-8

Push down

  • 65kg x 15,6,3 (Rest pause- 20 seconds rest

Friday 30-12-22

Low handle TBDL

  • 192kg x 7
  • 172kg x 8
  • 152kg x 9

Safety bar squat

  • 125kg 15-12-10

Reverse hyper

  • 200kg 4 x 20

One arm pull down

  • 87.5kg 10-8-7

One arm cable row

  • 65kg 13-12-10

Face pulls

  • 4 x 25

Assualt bike 20/10 x 10 followed by 16 minutes on the bike.

I’m 39 years old. 5’11 and 88kg. I’m very lean and want to get my weight well over 90kg again.

I’ve had ongoing knee issues and a back problem recently. Both have been fine for a while now so I’m looking to build my lifts up again. First time I’ve used the safety bar for squatting. I expect to improve on that a lot over the next couple of months.

My pressing sucks, so improving that would be nice.


Sunday 1-1-22

Safety bar squat

  • 165kg x 4
  • 145kg x 5
  • 125kg x 6


  • 145kg x 7
  • 130kg x 8
  • 120kg x 9

Nordic curls

  • 13-9

Standing wheel roll out

  • 5-5

I’m not enjoying the safety bar squat, but my elbows feel much better. I’ll stick with it until 200kg is an easy everyday single. I had a bit more in me on the top set (165kg x 4)

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Monday 2-1-23

Bench press
110kg x 6
102.5kg x 7
92.5kg x 10

Overhead press
70kg x 6
65kg x 7
60kg x 7

20kg x 12,8,7

Cable crossovers
25kg x 14,7,5 (rest pause with 30 seconds rest)

Lateral raise
12-8 (Rest pause with 20 seconds rest)

Push downs
65kg x 15,8,5 (Rest Ppuase with 20 seconds rest)

A small improvement on everything from last time.

I really need to up my calories. My bulking diet has turned into a great cut! I actually fee a bit too lean at the moment. I’m still a bit over 88kg though but know progress will speed up if I eat more.


Tuesday 3-1-23

Low handle TBDL
202kg x 4
182kg x 8

Chin ups
20kg x 7
10kg x 10

One arm pull down
87.5kg x 12-8-7

One arm cable row
72.5kg x 10
65kg x 14

40kg x 8
30kg x 13

Wrist roller
Loads of reps

Felt awful today and really didn’t want to train. Coffee got me through it!

I want to get 202kg on the trap bar to where I can easily do 12+ reps again.

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Sunday 7-1-22

Safety bar squat

  • 125kg x 4
  • 145kg x 5
  • 165kg x 5


  • 100kg x 4
  • 130kg x 4
  • 150kg x 8

Nordic curls

  • 15

40 minutes on the indoor bike

Haven’t felt that good for the past couple of days so I did the bare minimum today. Still made progress on all my top sets.

I’ll start including any cartdio I do on this log as well.

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Assault bike
20/10 x 8

Indoor cycling
20 minutes

The assault bike is horrible!

I’m feeling a bit beat up at the moment and want to focus more on conditioning for a short period. I’ll be lifting weights twice a week (maybe 2 every 5 or 6 days some weeks) and do some sort of conditioning/cardio every day.

Weighed in at 89.2kg today.

(Good lighting!)


Monday 9-1-23

Safety bar squat
130kg 5 x 10

120kg 5 x 8

Hip thrust
150kg 5 x 12

Back extensions
5 x 15

Indoor cycling 45 minutes

I ditching cutting down the number of days a week I’m going to train. I was just tired and grumpy yesterday!

I’m going to spend a period doing high volume and using step loading or double progression. It will be boring but it’s about time I did it. My birthday is in May. It seems a good time to have that as a date to aim to hit some PR’s.

Aiming for,
Safety bar squat - 200kg for at least 1 rep
Bench press - 140kg. This will easily happen if I eat enough.
TBDL- 232kg x 7. I feel a long way from this but would like to get back to at least this level again.

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I’ve been really bad at updating this but training has been going well.

Wednesday 18-1-23

Bench press
100kg 12-9-6

Overhead press
60kg 10-9-6

20kg 11-7-7

Cable crossover
30kg 12-8-6

Cable lateral raise
15kg 12-7-3 (Rest pause with 20 seconds rest)

Tricep pushdowns
72.5kg 15-5-2 (Rest pause with 20 seconds rest)

Assault bike 20/10 x 8

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