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C_C: MODOK's Arm Training


C_C, I saw you what you wrote in the "Are people not trying hard thread about training arms.
"Modok also is/was very strong there, he reached 20 inch arms and the accompanying curling strength weighing much, much less than I did when I reached that arm size, even though he's the same height. His way of training them allowed for much faster progress... Wish I'd known about that back then... I was still training my arms the same way as everything else... They tend to grow fairly proportionately (also taking into account genetics) then, but unless you have super-arm genetics, you will have to gain proportionately more weight to get the same arm size increase..."

I was just wondering if you were referring to his BBB rep ranges (5/10/15 I believe) or the fact that he trains them more frequently? I recall MODOK saying that for arm specialization, do 3 sets to failure of 5/10/15 reps 3 times a week. I'd really appreciate it if you could explain this some more. Thanks for your time C_C!


If anyone else has information on this, please feel free to share!


MODOK went into detail about his training philosophy here:

...as well as the original Big Beyond Belief thread.


3x week

3 working sets to failure each session dropping weight to stay in the rep range

rep ranges: 8-10, 10-12, and 13-15

the 5/10/15 isn't BBB it's a Hernon strategy that MODOK's been using


Alright, thanks for the replies guys!


Thanks alot MODOK!


Thanks for the info. My arms have always sucked so I'm gonna try hitting them 3x a week.

If you were going to train bis and tris 3x a week, for triceps would you stick to just doing extension type movements like skullcrushers, cable pushdowns, etc.? Because it seems like doing compound movements for triceps 3x a week (such as close grip bench press, dips, etc.) would be too much, right?