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Bystolic for High Blood Pressure


Still trying to find the best med for my HBP. I was on Amlodipine for a about a month, but had major gastric issues. I haven't tried anything yet that has not had some kind of bothersome side effect. Doc traditionally did not recommend betablockers because of impairment of performance in the weight room. But he has now hyped on Bystolic. It is a beta blocker, but at low doses, it supposedly does not effect the heart as others do. I don't have heart problems either, just HBP. He says the lower does is like a NO supplement, but is more effective. Sounds intriguing, but a google search shows all kinds of side effects. Anyone have any experience with this med? I have also tried an ACE Inhibitor and ARB. Thanks


For the most part, I have tried all other means, although I have never been ultra-ripped. I have been very opposed to meds until recently, when the BP got very high. I am concerned about what you said about erectile dysfunction, but my doc is claiming that this particular med is different and it will actually enhance that area. He says it works through a different means than other beta blockers if kept below 10 mgs. Like I said above, it supposedly is like a pharmaceutical grade NO product. He is a weightlifter himself too and understands my concerns. He is normally opposed to other beta blockers.