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Bye Bye Owens!

Finally, we got rid of the chithead. The 49ers are finally looking very very good right now, (I hoped garcia stayed at least 1 more year) with very strong draft picks AND the one thing 49ers never have…CAP ROOM!!! most football fans will say “so what?” but as a 49er fan I wasnt even alive the last time we had any cap room. Its a new, hopeful season. we signed kevin barlow, julian peterson, and got new offensive/defencive coordinators! YES!!!

uh bro, you cant possibly think the niners are looking good right now can you? please dont tell me you think they will be competitive this season.

The 49’ers look like sh!t, - and Owens is continuing on his path of trouble…already stirring the pot in Baltimore, with statements that he would rather have played in Philly…and its bound to get worse when he realizes that the Ravens wont pay him Randy Moss type money…

Yeah I am a big 49ers fan, but they got rid of all their talent in one off season. Its going to be a few years before they are competitive again I’m sorry to say. You can’t get rid of your leading passer and reciever and expect to be a good team.

I am sad that they let garcia go, but you cannot say T.O was any good last year. Most people see that he is a cancer, but what people dont see is that he really truly SUCKS. Watch any game from last season… He droped everything! sure he would knock a DB off balance, but he would short arm anything across the middle. and how the hell can you say 49ers look bad this year!!! Any real fan would know that they signed KEY players and relesed ALOT of past prime players(except Garcia) I have been a fan of the 49ers from the day I was born, and i have never seen them make as many good moves as they have already. You may not agree with me but mark my words… 49ers NFC WEST CHAMPIONS 2004
Superbowl champs 2005,2007,2008,2009 :slight_smile:

P.S P-Dog are u a Raiders/Rams fan?

This is why you can not argue poilitcs or sports with anyone…they talk from their heart (or out their asses), and not fromt their heads.
T.O. sucks? lol ok. West champions in 04? lol ok. Super Bowl champions? lol ok.

Funny that everything you said seems to be regurgitated from ESPN and newspapers. Does anyone every from their own opinion anymore?

IL Cazzo, I live breathe and sleep Bay Area sports. I watch the games year after year. been a 49er fan when they went 4-12, and losing season after losing season. I dont watch the late night sports center like you imply. I go to the website, read the cronicle and follow up on the players. Not just the stars the T.O and Garcia, but the entire team.

While everyone thinks we are in trouble because of lack of an offence, I know we have a better, younger team comming up. Kevin Barlow is a great RB, We have Tim Rattay starting QB, and Ken Dorsey 2nd string.ESPN said he has no arm strength, but who needs arm strength in a REAL westcoast offence? We have new 3 recievers: Brandon LLoyd, Arnes Battle, and Cedric Wilson who show up to practice, who are better than T.O!

The 49ers are not a perfect team tho. The REAL problem was our defence. ESPN and all the other networks said Jim Mora is the greatest def coordinator with what he has. BULLSHIT! he sucks, the fact that he was DB coach before further proves my point! ever notice that the 49er DB’s dont bump? or that they try to beat all the recivers in the league with speed and hops? Finally we got rid of him and our offenive coordinator Greg Knapp. WTF kind of O-Coordinator is on the field!? how can he make playcalls if he cant see the opposing DEF?!?!

We signed our best 2 Linebackers: Juilian Peterson, and jamie winborn. we are rebuilding out old, thin D-Line. Yea they are rookies, but they can only get better.

What? you never heard of some of these players before? dont worry IL Cazzo, you will soon hear about them on ESPN.


I have been a Niner fan all my life, but we sucked last year and it’s only going to get worse this year.

I am glad Garcia’s gone. He was garbage. Yeah I said it, garbage. He bounced around in the pocket like a damn bunny rabbit, and was affraid to run. Plus he had horrible vision. he was never the leader we needed to take it all the way to the championship.

TO was and is a great reciever. Yeah he is a shit talker and a pain in the ass but most of the best are.

We’ve been rebuilding for 10 years now and we aren’t close to being done. We were spoiled with great QBs for a long time and I’m sorry but no one since Young has been up to par.

I love the Niner’s but I just don’t see them having a good season.

I’m a Cowboys fan, and I hope Dallas picks up Garcia.

Oh yes one other thing…I do understand that we have a number of promising young players. However, it takes time for a new group of player to build the chemistry that it takes to be a winning team. If this group works well together and is able to stay together the future could be pretty bright.

P.S. Juilian Peterson is my favorite player.

uh bigwall, no im a a niner fan that can judge my team with an objective view.

seriously you are stoned if you think they will be good this year. defense wil be cool. but who is going to catch the ball? who is going to throw it for that matter. not to mention an unproven running back. gimme a break dude

ok i c your point, the young players will take time. And true, that we have been rebuilding for 10 years. But I am only 18, and a very hopefull Fan. I still think that these new off-season moves are the best progress in the last 10 years of “rebuilding” I still hope by the end of january 2005, I get to say “told ya so” :slight_smile:

Man I miss football SOO MUCH.
And I can’t stand baseball either…Oh well, at least there’s the NFL draft to look forward to…plus my Knickerbockers will be in the playoffs…and there’s always rasslin’, a lover that rarely disappoints.

The offseason is made for videogames!

Oh yeah and the niners are going nowhere this year. Neither are the Eagles, too many losses, almost as bad as the Jets. My Giants are in a transtition period, we’re not sure if the team is bad or if it was just special teams that blew the season, starting w/ the Monday night game vs the Cowboys. Coughlin won’t stand for that, that’s for damn sure.

Redskins are reloaded big-time…Does Brunell have enough gas in the tank?

May be the Vikings’ time to shine and knock off the Panthers.

Wouldn’t mind seeing Michael Vick in the SUperbowl, he is electrifying. Atlanta needs some D though

yeah all this talk about steroids in baseball and college basketball is boring. football is great. as far as owens, hes a little bitch. the real reason he doesnt want to go to the ravens is because if he tries to be a dumbass, ray lewis is going to kill him. whos going to controll him in phili? mcnabs cornrolls? lets be serious. and as far as the 49ers, they fucked up last year when they fired steve mariuchi. he was a great coach! now that garcia is gone, TO as well, and the team is young, its true they can only go up, but they can also stay terrible, and thats whats gonna happen.
fear the vikings this year, they r the team on the move. redskins r just a bounch of overpayed players and a stupid owner. giants can do better if the O-line is better.

ya there’s no way owens would get away with ruining the ravens, ray lewis would crush him. OWENS IS A JOKE.

steve mariuchi was a good coach at points, and i think he would make the best O-coordinator, but i thought he lacked that killer instinct, like garcia the last 2 years. But I Glad we are still talking football, because I miss it SOOOOOO much. Its the best pro sport in america, nothing like baseball, or basketball , which is sooo long and boring. I watched arena football last sunday, and it just doesnt fill at all. My sport now is hockey! I am a sharks fan, but did anyone else see that Philly game?!? I loved that!

Okay, here are my thoughts on the niners:

First, Garcia did not suck. It’s a shame he had to go. He had a rough year last year, his throwing style was unorthodox, but I’ve watched him put together too many game winning drives to say he sucks. Check out how many Montana/Young records he broke. Sure I would rather have a sexy qb with a cannon, but to say he sucked is to be ungrateful for the winning seasons he put together.

Second, TO has horrible hands. In his life, he only made 1 good catch, and that was against Green Bay in the playoffs on a game winning toss from Young. Put the ball in his hands and sure he is big and strong, but I have watched him drop too many balls in the open field. Good blocker, tall, strong, hard to tackle, etc., but as a receiver, he had terrible hands.

Third, Barlow is the real deal. The kid needs to hold onto the rock, but he has all the tools. It’s a damn shame Hearst is gone. Every single niner fan can tell me where they were when Hearst broke off a run against the Jets, you know the one I’m talking about, with the vicious stiff arm at the end. If you don’t know, you’re not a niner fan.

Fourth, Ericson has a lot to prove. I was not impressed last year. I’m willing to give him another year.

Fifth, York sucks ass. Having a shitty owner is the worse thing possible in pro sports.

Sixth, Lloyd is the real deal.

As for the niners record next year, Seattle and St Louis will give them too many problems for them to win the NFC West given the lack of experience at QB.

I am optimistic about Barlow, Dorsey (in another year), and J-Pete.

The niners biggest problem is that despite the cap room, York will not bring in a big name free agent.

Also, despite what I said about TO’s hands, he still should have commanded a higher premium than the 51st draft pick. Although he would have left on his own had he filed the papers, we basically gave him to Baltimore.

Looks as if Owens is going to refuse to go to Baltimore anyway…