Bye Bye Nuts (for Now)

I’ve been on 300ml of Test E for three and a half weeks, I planned this cycle and grew my pubes out for a couple of months so my wife wouldn’t notice the sacks vanishing act, two weeks in and I noticed them smaller than usual but nothing drastic, I assumed everyone made a bigger deal of it as fake news.

Anyways just having a dump and for the first time in around ten days, maybe a week I peeked my head down to have a look, hello and behold I’ve got what looks like two half monkey nuts looking back at me.

Anyways the reason for this thread is that I just wanted to share what a strange sensation it is to see, it’s kinda assuring that the Test is doing its job, kinda scary and bizarre at the same time whilst being rather ridiculous to see, made me awkwardly giggle.

On a sad note I won’t be getting a blowjob for the duration of this cycle as the pube plan is not going to fly, either she would notice I have no nuts or she’s going to wonder how incredibly long my pubes have grown in relation to the monkey nuts.

How was your first experiance of this?

Just shave them/trim if you can’t get a BJ… It’s not that difficult (though it’s very irritating/itchy while it grows back)

Edit was confused. I thought you were referring to lines getting too long

I don’t think you’re SO will be bothered by a slight reduction in testicualar size… Perhaps she/he won’t even notice

I may be an oddity but I never noticed any atrophy at all. But honestly, I don’t pay much attention to them. I’ve been married over 10 years and I highly doubt she would notice even if they did. Are you sure you’re not being ‘too cautious’?


Thing is I’ve put on 4.5 kilos in three and a half weeks, this being my first cycle it’s one thing that she’s noticed I can’t walk past a mirror without a little flex, I don’t want to give away any other signs lol

I think the body change, eating like a monster and working out at home instead of the gym it’s all on her mind more, plus I spent an hour and half in the garden looking for my end of Barbell and dumbell screws swearing my head off today, I left them unattached next to my weights and she let my three and a half year old Daughter play with them in the garden, I’ve only found three thus far, infuriating!

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Me either I didn’t get much shrinkage at all, and I never had a girl comment about it lol

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Do you normally poop only once every 10 days? That is an issue.

Additionally, this is not something you should keep secret from your wife IMO. I don’t think it is wrong to use gear, but keeping it secret from your SO especially wife is.

Bro, you totally missed the benefits of smaller nuts. Less target size and makes the package look bigger. Find the positives. Not to mention, its not like she is measuring them to check your manhood.

We can see the girl trying to stifle laughter numerous times. Even if he’s right… The way he goes about asking this question is hilarious.

^This video is all that needs to be said^

Now go git that puss.

My dude, you have much bigger problems than small nuts. Seriously, nobody likes being lied to. Women especially don’t like it. Wives…well, let’s just say that if you built a pyramid of the people who hate being lied to, members of Congress would be at the bottom, healthy and well adjusted grown men would be somewhere in the middle, and wives would be that huge all-seeing eye hovering above it. Do not underestimate how long they can hold a grudge for this sort of shit. They’re like elephants (who never forget) and orcas (who are mean as Hell) combined. Own up to it, get the yelling and the crying out of the way now, or suffer the massive consequences when she finds out on her own. And yes, she absolutely will find out. Nobody is anywhere near as clever as they think and you can’t hide that kind of size increase forever. Rip the bandaid off fast.


These replies are so mature and well balanced, I am finding it hard to adjust to online conversation with said intellect.

I was expecting replies like fuck her in the pussy.

This is all very well, I am hyperventilating!

Can anyone advise me on how to manage my belt size during this cycle, my arms, chest shoulders have all blown up nicely, I am making improvements every workout it feels, however I have noticed my stomach starting to expand, I have started an A.I, this has already helped with my lower back swelling but I’m concerned about my stomach as I say, this is a bulking cycle, should I just accept it for now or should I manage my calarie intake? I obviously don’t want to lose my gains, what is the usual procedure for this?

How has the AI helped with back swelling?

I seemed to have a lot of water retention at my lower back, it has subsided this week since I started a low dose A.I