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Bye Bye College

Today was my last final of my last year as an undergraduate. No bells rang, no topless girls came running, nothing. What’s the deal with that? By the way, being the glutton for punishment I am, I start law school in less than three months. Hoo-rah!

genpo199 ~

We had the girls all lined up as well as the marching bands and the parade route was killer Unfortunately the fact that you are going to be a Lawyer surfaced during the pre-launch festivities and once word spread all of the volunteers left muttering vague threats and promising “I’ll show him a Lawyer”

Not sure what they meant but they headed off towards your place with torches and pitchforks. All I can think of is that you live on a dark farm and they’re coming over to help…

“Ever negotiate with lawyers at a huge company? If they saw you drowning 100 feet from the shore, they’d throw you a 51-foot rope and say they went more than halfway”

~ Paul Somerson

I have a post on this same exact topic. Doesn’t it feel good to be finished? I start graduate school in August so there isn’t too much time to get complacent.

Have fun in law school. I just took my last law school final today so I’m done with school FOREVER! Actually, I don’t know what I’m all that excited about - now I have to study for the bar (which is bad) and after that start work (which is worse).