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By Any Means Necessary


With the new Race To 600 Deadlift training log being put up, it's not really a fair "race" for someone not even close to 500 yet (like myself), to jump in.

So here it is, a race to 500# DL log. 500. Not 495. Toss a couple peanuts on there and make it 5 bills. I'll try to keep this one running just like Beans' thread


Read through at least the first page there, it'll cover most of the same stuff that would come up here.

(Copied and tweaked from Beans' thread)

Leader Board:

Ground rules
1) Straps are fine, but come on, it's only 500....
2) Doesn't need to be "3 whites" good, but it's gotta be somewhat clean, and put back down.
3) All ball busting, while hopefully plentiful, needs to stay light hearted.
4) Fuck weight classes, first to 500lbs has the biggest balls, end of story.
5) Vids of starting point preferred, vids of 500+ required for credit
6) Conventional, sumo, we don't give a shit
7) Chalk, belt are a go, suits and crazy space gear, no
8) Anyone can douglas, just don't be a dickhead
9) Convert your weights to lbs, please jesus cater to my lazy ass
10) Ten is a good round number of rules, don't ya think

1) Inkaddict - As of 10/17 - 435 - Currently - 475
2) AquaCruzer - As of 10/17 - 405 (Deficit) Currently - 455
3) Kakno - As Of 10/17 - 463
4) Pbclax - As Of 10/17 - 430 - Currently - 4-something
5) scj119 - As Of 10/17 - 435 - Currently - 474
6) elmore18 - As of 10/17 - 450 - As of 10/19 - 460
7) Blaze108 - As of 10/17 - 435 (since I can't count your 455 yet...)
8) hlss09 - As of 10/17 - 415
9) Jimbo51 - As of 10/17 - 425

Who wants in?


I'm in. Best is 463 sumo back in May. I'm a real pussy for not beating it yet.

Vid to back up my OUTRAGEOUS claims lol.


I'M IN!!!

Too lazy to find the vid of my best pull from the floor. I hope it's all good if I just throw up a vid of a deficit pull I did recently.


Malcom X reference......

Kill whitey, I like it


Here's my last video'd DL, done as part of a Sheiko "Skills Eval", I'll be retesting maxes 10/29.

425 DL @ 0:40, was 90%, so I know I'm good for at least a 435. Hoping for 450+ come 10/29


Best pull is 430 with a cam phail on the side, 10/12/11. Heres a vid of 425, 9/22/11: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK3iBxdUonU


In. Last attempted 1RM was 435x1 in August. Vid below.


I'm in, 450 pull at meet in July


Nice pulls dudes. Good to see several of us are around the same spot. Elmore, you got more in you. Looks like you and Kakno are going to be close

This will be intersting.

I'll add you guys to the list in a bit.


Thanks, this is going to be awesome!

  1. I pulled 455 right after, but grip gave out suuppeerrr close to lockout.
    tweaked my back since then, have only worked as high as 405x2 at the end of a workout recently, so i've got some catching up to do. I'm game though.


What's everyone strategy for getting there?


Just continuing with Sheiko, and seeing what happens. I'm mostly interested in bringing up my squat and bench (squat mostly), but the squat gains should bring the DL gains. Taht's what i'm hoping for. If I start falling behind everyone else, I'll switch it up.


Mine is probably dumb but, Madcow 5x5 with one or two singles on DL day.


Since I've always had troubling off the floor, I've decided to start doing deficit pulls.


Competing in a PL meet (using 5/3/1 for powerlifting meet prep template). If I don't get it there I'll go back to running the base 5/3/1 like I have been the past couple months.


I'm gonna be hitting deadlift after all my heavy back work, but i'll probably train it how i always have: work up to a heavy triple, double, or single and call it good each week. lol.


Can't believe you guys fell for that one, now I'm gonna win for sure :wink:

I've realized that I really really suck at good mornings and should be able to bring them to a less embarassing level without too much trouble. Along with doing sets of pretty low reps and trying to make small jumps as often as possible, I hope that should help me get dem 5 plates.

I'll speak for PBClax as well: He's jsut gonna put 10 more pounds on the bar every week til he pulls 600. Bastard.


My initial reaction was "WTF? Don't give away your secrets!!!"

What's your max GM? Heaviest I've done in a couple sets at a WHOPPING 165x5. I really want a Safety Squat Bar for those though, hopefully sometime in the near future.

And no, Clax won't add 10# a week. Even if he does, he'll stay behind me. I think he likes the view. HAHA.

I believe Elmore's pulling heavy tonight. I'm supposed to only hit a few sets for doubles @ 350 or so, but if I'm feeling particularly feisty...I'll see what I've got. Not the smartest thing less than 2 weeks out from a mock meet, but I'm only known for my good looks, not my intelligence :wink:

Good luck guys


Good stuff guys!