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BWking:Push Up World Record.


hello all,

my grammar aint that good,bare with me.I have been training in phyiscal fitness for 19 years.as a kid i always wanted superpower.

now im 33 ,i like to perform feats of strenght and speed demostraiton as a fighter.
now i took up bodyweight training,made it my speciality.in the summer i want to break this one guy back of the hand record in a minute.i beleive i can do it.

plus i reinvented some ohter exercises that i would like to add on as a record.thanks for the time.




Learn English first, then attempt to break meaningless world records.

Good luck anyway. Whatever floats your boat man.


check out www.beastskills.com they have some interesting body weight exercises to perform


Well i aint a book smart person,but in phyiscal talents I can make up for my bad grammar and writing.



No world record is meaningless- that's a relative thing. And besides that, it would be cool to be in the record books for pushups. Stop being a dick.

To the OP- Go for it man.