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BW Workout


Due to years of rugby, heavy lifting and arthritis in my knee at only 27 years old I am trying to take 6 months off weights and focus on all bodyweight exercises. Currently I am doing the following every other day: Pullups (20), dips (75), chins (15), pushus (100), ass to heels squats (150) and handstand push ups (12). When i can hit those numbers in 3 sets with only a minute rest I increase the reps by 10%. Anyone have any thoughts on his program, it has been working well for me thus far.


Always depends on what your goals are. This is alot of volume, you aren't getting alot of pure strength work out of it; more endurance strength than anything else.

I was going through Pavel's Naked Warrior book today and he had some great drills in there; one arm pushups, one arms w/ legs elevated, one arm dive bombers, etc. You can make the exercises tougher by holding pistols at the low point for a count, or hold a weight while you are doing it. But like I said, depends what your goals are.


Right now I am 6'5 and about 225lbs with 12% bodyfat. As far as goals go i would like to cut down below 10% bodyfat while staying at or above 225lbs. I've been lifting heavy (5x5) for about a year so I think this might be a good change.


If your goal is losing bodyfat, then dieting and bodywight exercise is not a bad way to go. Just make sure your diet is appropriate for your goals.

I have heard that extreme numbers of repitetions are bad for the joints, however, and so you may want to be careful on the volume that you do. Hundreds of pushups may not be as beneficial as you believe if you have bad shoulders! be careful.


For your legs you might get better results with the arthritis to use a little weight and do a lot less reps.


Thanks for the advice, I've just started this program so I will try it out for about a month and see what kind of results I get.