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Bw Snatch



Nice big pull and positions, and get under faster is the only criticism.




thanks koing. almost did 73kg. missed it back 2 times. my clean is still at 95kg. hopefully hit 100 soon


Keep hammering away mate!

Where do you train?



Koing I train at at a sports centre in St Johns, Newfoundland. All the local track athletes train here too. There are few bunch of us weightlifters train in the facility. We are trying to make the sport big here in the city


Google says your in Canada?

What numbers do your other buddies put up?



one of us have snatched 100kg and clean and jerked 120kg. He is just 164ibs. besides there is a big guy who weigths around 210lb he just did 130 c/j. He is not good in snatch cause he is still working on flexibility. We have another guy who has crazy strong squat. He just did 380lbs with bw of 180lbs. We do have some strong guys at the gym. I am probably the weakest lol.


Cool. Do you guys coach each other?

100 120 @ 164 is rock solid mate.

380lbs @ 180lbs is not crazy strong man :stuck_out_tongue: but glad you have some training buddies :slight_smile:



yah. our gym also produced some national level lifter. but they leave the province and go to a bigger city where training facility is a lot better. we do coach each other. all of us here are self taught. we have a retired national level lifter but he is too lazy to come and coach us. Perhaps we can offer him some form of payment. We are holding a completion too on late March cause for an association to exist you have to hold 1 competetion


You got to get him out. Surely offer him some payment. If you guys club together it'll be worth it imo to get real feedback from for your lifting. Once you guys are 'self aware' of what your doing it's much easier.



How much do sprinters squat,clean,snatch? Throwers?


Congrats!! Keep going strong!! :wink:)


Koing,would you consider powersnatching own bodyweight good strength/power level for athletes in non.lifting sports?


Yes PS bw is very good, more so for a non full OLifter.

Depends what level you want but examples that I know of

Jonathon Edwards, Triple Jump WR holder, over 18M! bw 70kg PC140! lol
Good International throwers (hammer, shot) will PC a lot, 175-180+ region
GB National level discus thrower 150-160 region PC

Standing broad jump, over 3M is a solid standard.



Hi the athletes that train here do not focus on olympic lifting. One odd day they will do light power cleans. They mostly concentrate on squat and presses.


besides the athletes here hate us weightlifters. they dont like weights being slammed on the floors. lol its tough being a weightlifter, its not popular in Canada, other athletes hate u and lets not speak about the gym owners. But hell, for a lifter there is nothing better than the bar being locked overhead


tell me about it! I lift in a commercial gym.When I do Oly lifts,people are passing so close I have to always keep an eye not to hit someone.Buth i dont throw the weight down...it would get me banned immediately!

When theres a will,theres a way! :wink:)

Stay strong!


Broadjumping over 3 m is great jumping!


f0ck'em...I only train at facilities that lets me drop them anyway.



I can oly at 3 gyms lol...

St Marys : 6 power racks with 6 smaller platforms built with them and 4 larger lifting platforms, all eleiko bars and plates. Bad ass facility. The machines area is separated by a door. Less likely a f00l will walk by as your lifting.

Surrey Uni : 6 power racks with 6 platforms. Eleiko bars but random bumpers, not even coloured properly. Only had a few run ins with people walking by as you have weights over head, only minus side are the platforms are close together.

Woking : rubber matted floor, nice eleiko bars and eleiko plates. Good home venue :slight_smile: