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BW Question for Those in 275, 308 Classes


Push Ups, Dips, Chins, Pull Ups, Pistols, Handstand Pushups, Ab wheel rollouts, muscle ups, one arm push ups ....

How many of each, at what body weight, what are your lifts on big 3 + OHP?

Me? Im weak as fuck Push Ups 20, Dips 0!, Chins 8, Pull Ups similar, Pistols 0, Handstand Pushups 0, Ab wheel Rollouts 0 with full ROM, BW 280, Big 3 360-220-510, OHP strict 170.

I care about my total most of all but I'm also pissed off when I watch those circus balance acts and they can do crazy Bodyweight feats ... so I wanted a frame of reference


I have a 507 squat a 363 bench, and a 455 deadlift, all comp lifts. I dont do pushups, I dont do many chinups, and dips hurt my shoulders. The Ab wheel is most important, you should do alot of leg raises and train your abs on a vertical base, then go back to the ab wheel. The other ones are stupid and pointless. The way your lifts looks like you need alot of triceps and Glute/Hamstring accessory work. Your form is probably lacking too.


Most of that doesn't relate to what the OP was asking at all and I seriously doubt that you weigh 275+ pounds, so what exactly was the point of that post?


These guys look heavy and strong

They also piss me off. I wish I could do stuff like that.

Doesnt it piss you to be strong but to suck at bodyweight exercises (not that I fit into the strong category). I want to know about the really strong dudes and how they fare with bodyweight stuff. Surely if you just get strong enough you can do a muscle up/handstand push up etc etc no matter what weight you are (exploding joints notwithstanding)

I'm not talking about people training this kind of stuff (it's hardly going to help your total in the majoritiy of cases and isn't sustainable stress on the joints) - I'm talking about one off demonstration of strength/can I do this kind of stuff


You squat less than you body weight?


Fixed: it should read 360-220-510

I'd really like to hear what people can do at various bodyweights on these bodyweight exercises.

It would be awesome to construct a chart along the lines of

Average reps for lifter with total of 1400lb:

BW 70kg 80kg 90kg 100kg 110kg 120kg 130kg
Chins 60 50 40 30 20 15 10
Dips 60 50 40 30 20 15 10
One arm Push Ups 20 15 12 10 8 6 4
Muscle Ups 14 12 10 8 6 4 2
Pistols 60 â?¦ â?¦. 10
Handstand Push Ups 20 â?¦ â?¦. 3

If nothing else it would be good to see a chart for reps plotted against bodyweight on the big 2 bodyweight exercises - Chins and Dips (the other ones are possibly too obscure or too stressful on the joints for some)


Those training at powerlifting care more about their max weight moved, not how it relates to bodyweight generally. Sure some people may care about a coefficient of X amount of body weight squatted etc. but I doubt you'll find many here actually bothering to try to max out their chins/dips etc. with bodyweight. Maybe dips with 100+ lbs on extra...


OP you weigh 280 and bench 220? No wonder you can't do dips or many pushups.


Yep unless you have shoulder issues I would try to really work on dips. Use the assisted machine or a dip machine if you need to. Your overhead press isn't even that bad so its definitely only the bench lacking. You may never have a great bench but unless you have some type of injury a good goal would to keep it 1/2 your DL weight.




Seriously though, I am not trying to be a dick but unless you are 6'10" you are probably a lot fatter than you should be and should probably try to lose some weight if you are only benching 220.


Ha - this is quite amusing. I'm not 6'10 ... I'm 6'9

Back to the actual question ...


Ah, just saw your log, I apologize, carry on.


2 different goals my man. be in the circus or be strong. I can still do ~10 pullups, and 15-20 dips, but being proficient at them doesn't help me reach my goals as a powerlifter. I throw them in from time to time to mix things up, but thats about it. at your height, you just need more bodymass to move the kind of weight you want. trust me, I know.


Hmm...this thread is intriguing.


What? If you really gave a shit about push ups and pull ups and all the other calesthetics you described, you would be doing p90x. Either be fat and strong or be skinny and do handstand pushups all day. You can't be and do both.


What is strength?

Being able to do a muscle up over a wall to escape a predator or being able to fend the predator off?
What if the predator is a tiger?

If you can move other people but not move yourself are you still strong?

These are actually things I think about nearly every day.


Squatting benching and deadlifting = Powerlifting

If you want to focus more on BW stuff, im sure you can post it in the strongman thread. It would make more sense there then here.


It sounds like you might want to think about more important things.

Like ping pong.

Seriously, in the 25 years I've been alive, I've never had to flee a preadator or fend one off, tiger or otherwise. And I say that as an Active Duty military member. Why do all these bodyweight guys create these absurd fantasies?


If you were getting attacked by a tiger you wouldn't be able to out run it, nor would you be able to out fight it. That is why you don't go to places where fucking tigers are attacking you.