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BW Exercises for Triceps

I know there are dips, reverse dips, close grip push ups, BW skull crushers.

What other BW exercises are there for triceps? Any info is appreciated.


Close grip pushups on a basketball or medicine ball. Harder than diamond pushups on the floor.

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If you want a real killer, try the tiger bend. This is a handstand pushup where you start from an elbow stand (ie with your forearms resting on the floor).

A slightly easier version is the tiger bend pushup. Do a pushup from your forearms placed parallel about four inches apart. Tighten up and push up so that your forearms clear the floor. Then lock out without flaring your elbows. Lower yourself through the same groove, without letting your body fall through the last couple of inches.

Push-ups on a chinning bar: get yourself with hands extended on the bar and then lower and raise yourself.

Lower the bar of a Smith Machine. Now Attatch a couple of chains to the bar. One hand in each chain perform Push-ups. The constant movement of the chains makes it quite difficult.

I’d also throw in Dive Bombers or hindu push-ups. Reverse-grip push-ups are also a funky variation (hands in close, pinkies next to your ribs, fingers pointed to your toes).

To make any press or push-up more tri-dominant, you can try a 1-and-1/2 rep (all the way down, all the way up, halfway down, and back up = 1 rep), or pause at the mid-point for a count of 4-5 (bringing in some gymnastic-ish tension).

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Body weight extensions off a fixed bar are also good. You can manipulate foot position to change the resistance.

I understand that the tiger bend (press from elbow stand to handstand) is the gold standard. Someday…