BW bench or pullups

What can everybody do more of: pullups(palms facing away, wide grip) or reps of bench with bodyweight on the bar. Both would be harder if you weighed more, and I was just wondering what the spread would be amongst everybody. As for myself, I think I can do bench with bodyweight for a few more reps. I’m probably good for 13-14 pullups, and maybe 15-16 bodyweight bench reps. My weight fluctuates between 175 and 185.

Right now im walking around at about 205, im good for about 15 pullups. I could put up 205 MAYBE 3 or 4 times, you would understand the imbalance if you saw me in person, im all legs and lats, which is what im aiming for as a wrestler.

I can’t say exactly, I’d have to test. Some comperable lifts: Barbell bench 195x12. Pullups (pronated): 25. Weight: 175lbs. I must admit, however, that I suck at this high-rep shit. I avoid going over 8 reps like the plague. :wink:

I’m 260, so for me definitely bench more. I can get 260 for about 12-15 reps but I can only chin about 8 clean reps.

I flucuate between 155-160 and I would probably saw bench. I can easily do a set of 10+ using 185.

as for pull ups (which i love doing), i can probably do 10+ body weight… but slap on a dip belt and 25lbs… i can pull off 8-9 max.