BW + 1 DB Workout

Well, I’m on travel for a week with my new job so I’ll be doing bodyweight and single dumbbell work. I’ve already skipped a week due to laziness and lack of planning so I can’t really afford to just take this week off…

I think it’ll be a good idea not to train heavy for a while anyway since it’s been catching up to me and I feel I was going a bit overboard.

Anyway, here are some exercises I plan on doing, so any help with more choices will be appreciated:
BTW, I’m bringing 70lbs which won’t be too bad since I don’t plan on doing any ME work or anything like that. Only 1 db because I don’t want to piss off anyone at the hotel and my wife will be using the other one.

1 arm DB military presses

Vertical push-ups

1 arm floor presses (already tried them to see if I could do them and it went okay)

1 arm skull-crushers, only with my palms semi-supinated (facing in)

single leg squats

push-ups (1 arm and 2)

diamond push-ups

crunches with weight on forehead

bent over rows

single leg deadlifts

single leg stiff-leg deads


db side bends


And that’s about all I can think of off the top of my head.

I still have to find a way to put it all together, so any help with that is appreciated too.

high step ups. Need some pulls, Chins pull ups etc. drag things get a rope and drag stuff or climd it pick up heavy things push a car drag a car. etc its endless just work hard and have fun it’ll pay off.

Don’t forget to do some 1 arm snatches for high reps. CW got me into doing those and they are a nice butt kicker. You can even do a 1 arm clean and press.

[Edit: Correction, CW got me doing them for max reps. Dave Barr got me to just do them.]