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Buzza Training


yesterday with my m8 Davide a short and intense session in my garage-gym, after 10 hours of work.

delts triceps neck forearms

(all session is done with a slow/accentuated eccentric phase-about 6'- and with an EXPLOSIVE concentric phase to recruit the most part of fibers)

db standing flies, 1 rest pause set/stripping set plus forced (assisted) reps

35 lb x8 plus 2 fr
10' rest
26 lbx3 plus 1fr
23 lb x4 plus 2 fr

3min rest

rear db fies laying on a inclined bench
(about same of standing flies but a 15' isometric on last rp set)

close grip bench press
220lbx8 plus 2 forced
150x12 plus 2 forced

neck extension with a 48lb disck on my head
VERY controlled&SLOW REPS
72 sec , about 12 reps???? dunno, plus a 15' isometric

wrist roller
45 lb x 60' (failure, can't hold the woodbar)

PS; it has been 6 month I chopped military press because I do inclined and declined bench press (eccentric accentuated 120%-130% of my RM), have to say that my shoulders didn't atrophized at all:-)

I started 6 moths ago to train my neck and went from 10lb disck to a 48lb disck for same tul,but now it is harder to progress :-(, about 10' tul each two sessions....)

Mike from Italy/tomorrow chest-biceps if I don't go to train on the field



chest biceps abs

eccentric phase= 6/8 sec
concentric phase= explosive

(slightly= 3 discks under the bench)inclined bb bench press 242 x 5 plus 2 rest pause reps (10'rest between)

eccentric only flat bench press: 310x4 (each lowering about 12 sec)

bb curl 92x5 plus 3 rp reps

crunches with 22lb plate on chest,knees at 90°, not counted reps,67' tul

PS; never did before inclined bench press,strange feeling........anyway this will be my first chest exercise for a while as i have very shallow upper chest and a beffy medium zone


Yeah, incline benching for the first few times is awkward, you almost feel like you should be pushing it out, instead of up. You get used to the movement in no time though. Good training.


thanks, in your experience upper chest could grow up to match lower chest?
I have done for years just flat bench and my chest looks "unbalanced" LOL

Mike from Italy



upper chest/delts/neck/abs

slightly inclined (2 disks under the bench) dbs press 40kl (90lb) x 4 plus 2 RP reps

slightly inclined db flies 30lbx8,10 sec, 2 reps,20 sec,2 rep

db flies for rear delt 30lbx10 plus two RP reps,5'rest between, then 1 rep each 10 sec to failure.

neck extension 40lb on the head x 65 sec tul,30 sec rest,20 sec tul,10 sec rest, 5 reps without weight.

crunches with 10kl plate to failure then throw off the plate and squeezed as many free reps I did.

PS; today was hard, gone to the sea from 10AM to 14AM, then a 3 hours training on the field (alias 6 miles walking on the grass to dig out the weight=long casting tournament, same of javelling but with rod and reel )
and way back to home the lifting.
dbs press is very hard compared to bbs,I lift less weight but feel more rom and stretching, liked.
lied on the bench for 10 min after the w/o because of tired......

PPSS; tomorrow or next day back-biceps-chest with Davide

Mike from Italy


today legs/back/biceps/abs

met with Davide after a long working day

squatlift with trapbar
me (3 knee distorsions in 4 month so: ) 132lbx20/20'rest/5/20'rest/2
davide 262lbx14/rest/4/rest/4

handmade towel tbar rows (bb in a corner)
me 220x5-200x3-180x3
davide 200x5-180x5
about 1 min of rest between sets

concentration db curl sitting on the bench
(both me and davide) 35x6 plus 3 rest pause reps plus 1 forced rep

crunches with knees at 90° with 10kilos plate to failure then free reps

PS; we never will train legs and backs in same w/o, too tough!LOL
in Italy tonight very hot and humid,in the garagegym can't breath.


some pix:




my back







alone this time.

inclined bb bench with closer grip than my standard

5min rest

declined bb bench with closer grip than my standard

lateral flies one db; 27lbx8/10'/2/10'/1/10'/ isometric hold for 12'

wrist roller; 35lb to failure (no stopwatch with me this time to see the tul)-failure-5'-to failure

neck extension with 33lb, 12 reps to failure-10' rest-2 reps and a 10' isometric

1/closer grip on inclined bench don't liked (too strees on triceps, less on upper pecs), on the other hand I like it on declined, it seems that it works better my pecs,i will give it enother try.

2/ saw a small vein on my delts while bbs flying, good sign at this bw :slight_smile:

3/ starts to feel tired; work is hard, two times per week I go to casting field to hammer the rod (about 5 miles walking on grass to dig out the lead at 700 ft from oche),weightlifting is hard, need a deloading week?


just coming back from garagegym,trained in lunch break, alone.

back/rear delt/abs

tbar rows with 25'inch rope (slow cadence)

all-out set: 220x7 plus 2 half reps/10'/200x3/10'/180x5/20'/160x3 plus 10' iso.

5 min rest

dbs flies on a inclined bench; 13 kilos (29lb) x 6/20' rest/3/10'/1 plus isometric hold of 10'ish

crunch with knees at 90° (22lb plate on head): 22 reps-failure-8 free reps without weight.

PS; bought a rope but it's too thin and hurts my beautiful actor hands :slight_smile:
i'm doing rear delts (yet stressed up by rows IMO) because I have front delt overpowering lateral and rear, so hope to baloon a bit my shoulders...
tomorrow chest and accessory work with Davide (I hope)


09 07 2010

pec tric neck

slightly inclined dbs bench press
40kg (90 lb) x6 plus 3 partials

slightly declined bb bench press
200x 4/10'/1/15'/1

5ish min of rest

close grip bb flat press

130x5 plus 3 partials

neck extension
35lb x 5/30'/5/30'/3/30'/2 plus 15' isometric hold

PS; gained 2 reps on bb press :slightly_smiling: so overcompensation exist!
for neck did something of different, using "interrupted set protocol" by prof. Filippo Massaroni, former Mr Universe, a density protocol , different from rest pause but always in intensity methodology.



shoulders abs

waked up at 5,30 AM,work until 14PM, so a little tired to do legs...

db flies sitting on the bench
27lb x 9/20'/4/20'/2
then stripping the weight to 23lbx4/30'/2 plus isometric hold

(what a good pain)

3 min rest

high bb rows with shoulders grip

weighted crunches (22lb) with interrupted set protocol.
22lbx7/30'/7/30'/7/30'/5/30'/free crnches without plate to the death (about 6 reps).

PS; not just a vein appeared on my delts but two! :slightly_smiling:
for now they go up just under severe stress but have to say that delts are the bodypart who developed more -but the back- in my coming back to weighs after 10 years of stop.
cutting out MP (direct work for front delt) and doing intense db flies works (for me).
wanna try interrupted set also for delts but rest pause works so really don't know...

Mike from Italy


today trainig at casting field